EMT Abbrreviations

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  1. What does ABC stand for?
    Airway Breathing Circulation
  2. What does AVPU stand for?
    Alert, Verbal, Pain, Unresponsive
  3. What does the D in DCAPBTLS stand for?
  4. What does the C in DCAPBTLS stand for?
  5. What does the A in DCAPBTLS stand for?
  6. What does the P in DCAPBTLS stand for?
  7. What does the B in DCAPBTLS stand for?
  8. What does the T in DCAPBTLS stand for?
  9. What does the L in DCAPBTLS stand for?
  10. What does the S in DCAPBTLS stand for?
  11. What does the S in SAMPLE stand for?
    Signs & Symptoms
  12. What does the A in SAMPLE stand for?
  13. What does the M in SAMPLE stand for?
  14. What does the P in SAMPLE stand for?
    Pertinent past history
  15. What does the L in SAMPLE stand for?
    Last oral intake
  16. What does the E in SAMPLE stand for?
    Events leading up to
  17. What does the O in OPQRST stand for?
  18. What does the P in OPQRST stand for?
    Provoking factors
  19. What does the Q in OPQRST stand for?
    Quality of pain
  20. What does the R in OPQRST stand for?
  21. What does the S in OPQRST stand for?
  22. What does the T in OPQRST stand for?
  23. What does RTA Stand for?
    Rapid trauma assessment
  24. What does MOI stand for?
    Mechanism of injury
  25. What does NOI stand for?
    Nature of illness
  26. What does CAO stand for?
    • Concious Alert Oriented
    • (to person, place, time & event)
  27. What does PEARL stand for?
    Pupils Equal And Reactive to Light
  28. What does LOC stand for?
    Level Of Consciousness
  29. What does AMI stand for?
    Acute Myocardial Infarction
  30. What does AMS stand for?
    Altered Mental Status
  31. What does CVA stand for?
    • CerebroVascular Accident
    • (stroke)
  32. What does TIA stand for?
    • Transient Ischemic Attack
    • (mini stroke)
  33. What does TIPS stand for?
    Trauma, Infection, Psychogenic causes, Seisure/Syncope
  34. What does AEIOU stand for?
    Alcohol, Electrolytes, Insulin, Opiates, Uremia (kidney failure)
  35. What does APGAR stand for?
    Appearance, Pulse, Grimace, Activity, Respirations
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