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  1. To which class of drugs does clopidogrel belong?
    Anti-platelet agents.
  2. What are the indications associated with clopidogrel?
    Prophylaxis of thromboembolism in various populations.
  3. What is clopidogrel's target MOA?
    Irreversible antagonism of P2Y12 receptor on platelets.
  4. What does the platelet P2Y12 receptor do? What is its natural ligand? What type of receptor is it?
    • Promotes platelet aggregation.
    • ADP is the natural ligand.
    • GPCR - Gi, decreasing cAMP and promoting aggregation.
  5. As per clopidogrel's MOA, what effects are experienced by the body?
    Prevented ADP-stimulated platelet aggregation.

    Irreversibly antagonizing the Gi P2Y12 receptor (which would normally lead to decreased cAMP and thus platelet aggregation), results in increased levels of cAMP and thus decreased platelet aggregation.
  6. What are some adverse effects associated with clopidogrel?
    • Leukopenia (decreased WBC count --> a dose limiting toxicity)
    • Thrombotic thrombocytopenia purpura (TTP)
  7. Platelet aggregation is inhibited by (increased/decreased) cAMP.
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