PH Exam 2 Rural Urban Health

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  1. (book) List S&S of Pesticide Exposure
    • Acute poisoning: neuromuscular (h/a, dizziness, confusion, irritability, twitching muscles) and GI
    • Chronic exposure: cancers, parkinson's dx, infertility, sterility, liver damage
  2. Differentiate Metro vs Non-metro Population
    • Metro: >50,000 at county level
    • Non-metro: <50,000 at county level
  3. List 4 Major Problems affecting Urban areas
    • Crime
    • Drugs
    • Education
    • Infrastructure
  4. List 4 Major Problems affecting Rural areas
    • Drugs
    • Unemployment
    • Education
    • Infrastructure
  5. Discuss Variations in Mortality Rates
    • Dramatic dec since 60s
    • Dec more in metro
    • Women non-metro inc
    • Suicide attempt & completion inc non-metro
  6. Discuss Characteristics of Urban Pops
    • Income: underemployment, poverty, access to come
    • Age and cultural subpop: college students, elderly
    • Environment: air quality
    • Housing: sick bldg pop
    • Health: urban has better outcomes
  7. Discuss Maternal/ Infant Health r/t Rural Pop
    • Transportation: no public, bad roads
    • Limited OB and hospital services: no physicians, need high volume
    • Cultural barriers
  8. Discuss Child Health r/t Rural Pop
    • Child labor
    • Environmental exposures: pesticides
    • Injury
  9. Discuss Mental Health r/t Rural Pop
    • Deteriorating social conditions
    • Living/ working conditions
    • Low mental health service avaliablility
    • Cultural barriers: coal mining, agriculture, fishing, forestry
  10. Disucss Environmental/ Occupational Health r/t Rural Pop
    • Occupational hazards
    • General living/ working conditions
    • Recreational hazards: inc rate of drowning, inc MVA
  11. Discuss Chronic Illness r/t Rural Pop
    • Lack of health promotion services
    • Environmental/ occupational conditions
    • Poverty
    • Substandard living conditions
    • High percentage of elderly
  12. Discuss Lifestyle Behaviors r/t Rural Pop
    • Recreational hazards
    • Social isolation: inc depression
    • Poverty
    • Lack of preventive education and services
  13. List Major Issues in Rural Health Care Delivery
    • Avaliability
    • Accessiblity
    • Affordability
    • Acceptability
  14. List Federal Initiatives r/t Rural Pop
    • Rural Health Clinics
    • Migrant health centers
    • National Health Service Corps
    • Indian Health Service
  15. Discuss Public Health Nursing in Rural & Urban Healthcare: Common Ground
    • Community focused
    • Community-capacity building

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