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  1. Guidance on completing AFTO IMT 781 Series Forms
    T.O. 00-20-1
  2. Jacket files
    PS&D keeps these.
  3. 781 Series Documentation - Symbols
    • Symbols/Initials will NEVER be erased!!!
    • All symbols entered must be in Red, EXCEPT Black Last Name Initial (BLNI)
  4. RED -- (DASH)
    Used for discrepancies that require and INS
  5. RED / (Diagonal)
    • Will always require a corrective action. Signature in the corrected by block & BLNI over the symbol
    • signature in the "Inspected by" block is NOT required
  6. Clearing Mx Notes
    To clear a note in the 781A Forms, signature in the Ins by Block & the date cleared.
  7. 781 F
    • FRONT cover
    • Identifies Weapon system
    • Source Doc for obtaining billing info for fuel and oil.
  8. 781
    • Source Doc. for recording individual flying time, sortie, and/or event
    • Completed and removed during debrief
  9. 781-H
    • Ready reference shows aircraft status
    • Docs servicing, flying times & ER/CRs/ Crew ready info
    • Status of Ins (Preflight, thruflight, BPO) and aircraft condition after flight.
  10. 781 A
    • Docs ALL Mx actions
    • Status of discrepancies
    • Docs corrective actions
    • May provide INFO or RESTRICTIVE notes
  11. 781 J
    • Doc ENGINE and AIRFRAME Operating Times
    • Identifies oil samples taken, oil servicing quantities and last oil change times
    • OIL usage calculations
  12. 781 K
    • Cos SPECIAL Ins, engine data, routine/calendar Ins
    • Docs ALL DDs, Urgent Action and Routine TCTOs
    • NEVER replace Red X entries in this form
  13. 781 M
    Used by Mx for filling out AFTO IMT 781 A & K.
  14. 781 G
    • Used by AIRCREW for filling out 781
    • LAST form in the binder
  15. AFTO IMT Form 95
    SIGNIFICANT Historical Data
  16. AFTO IMT FORM 97
    Aerospace Vehicle BATTLE DAMAGE Incident Debrief
  17. AFTO IMT Form 427/428
    Aircraft Integral FUEL TANK REPAIR Historical Data
  18. AFTO IMT Form 244
    • Industrial/SUPPORT Equipment Record
    • AGE
  19. AFTO IMT Form 245
    • Industrial/SUPPORT EQUIP Continuation Record
    • AGE
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