Biology Ch. 4 Cells

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  1. What does Prokaryotic mean?
    "Before Nucleus" has NO NUCLEUS!
  2. What does Eukaryotic mean?
    "True Nucleus" HAS NUCLEUS!
  3. 4 Common Things That All Cells Share
    • DNA (Genetic info)
    • Membrane- used as protection from environment
    • Ribosomes-Structures that produce protein
    • Cytoplasm- Fluid that internal structures suspend in
  4. What is the function of Ribosomes?
    Produce protein
  5. Organism composed of Prokaryotic Cells
  6. Organsims composed of Eukaryotic Cells
    • Plants
    • Animals
    • Fungi
  7. Prokaryotic Cell Features
    • NO Internal Organells
    • Simple in structure
  8. Prokaryotic Cell "Structures"
    • Cell Membrane
    • Cell Wall- rigid structure to provide support/ protect membrane
    • Cytoplasm
    • Nucleoid- region of "loose DNA"
    • Ribosomes
    • Cilia- Cell-to-cell communication (how cells identify each other)
    • Flagella- Used to move cell, propels cell
  9. Eukaryotic Cell Features
    • Complex in structure
    • Contains Organelles (organs inside of cells with membranes)
  10. Eukaryotic Cell Organelles
    • Nucleus
    • Endoplasmic Rectulum
    • Golgi Apparatus
    • Lysosomes
    • Vacuole
    • Peroxisome
    • Mitochandria
    • Chloroplast
  11. Nucleus
    Organelle with double-membranes with pours/contains DNA
  12. Endoplasmic Reticulum
    • Organelle that has 2 types
    • 1. Smooth ER: produces more membrane, lipids,

    2. Rough ER: same as smooth ER but has ribosomes attached and is the only to produce protein
  13. Golgi Apparatus
    Organelle that recieves packages from ER, labels packages and distributes
  14. Lysosomes
    • Organells thats a "Recycling Center" of cell
    • breaks down components and determines if components are reusable
  15. Vacuole
    • Organelle that provides "general maintanence"
    • Animal- transports food to lysosome
    • Plant- stores water
  16. Peroxisome
    • Organelle that acts as "Detox Center"
    • converts harmful substances into safe material
  17. Mitochandria
    • Organells with Double Membranes (contains DNA) with ribosomes located in "matrix."
    • MAIN FUNCTION- produces energy in cristae, acts as "Power Plant" of all organelles
  18. Chloroplast
    • Organelle with Double Membranes (contains DNA, Ribosomes located in "Stroma")
    • Photosynthesis- converts solar energy into food
  19. What are the Organelles with "Double-Membranes?"
    • Nucleus
    • Mitochandria
    • Chloroplast
  20. 2 Cell Structures of Eurokaryotic Organelles
    • Cytoskeleton- "cell skeleton" network of proteins
    • Cell Wall- rigid structure of extra support/protection
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