CH 6 Quiz

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  1. The single layer of cells that make up the stratum basale of the epidermis contains all of the following cell types except
  2. Which of the following types of cells divides by mitosis to replace the dead cells that exfoliate from the surface of your skin?
  3. True or False: Most drugs are injected by hypodermic needle into the epidermis because it is highly vascular and quite absorptive.
  4. The skin serves a protective function because of all of the following except
    the acid mantle formed by sebum
  5. Of the three types of hair we grow during our lives, which type is pigmented?
  6. The epidermal layer that is dead and keratinized is the:
    stratum corneum
  7. The major skin layer that normally has the greatest amount of adipocytes is the:
  8. Cutaneous vasodilation is in response to:
    very warm conditions
  9. Smooth muscle bundles attached to the hair root sheath are called:
    arrector pili
  10. This most common type of skin cancer arises from the stratum basale and is unlikely to metastasize:
    basal cell carcinoma
  11. The layer also known as the stratum germinativum is the:
    stratum basale
  12. Which of the following layers has living and dividing cells?
    stratum basale
  13. This layer is responsible for fingerprints:
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