judaism religion

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  1. Encountered God who told him that his descendents would become a great nation in a land of their own as well as a source of blessing to other nations.
  2. Attitudes and acts of hatred toward Jews and Judaism.
  3. Combine a commitment to observe the commandments of the Torah with a recognition that the legal tradition continues to evolve
    Conservative Judaism
  4. Various pacts initiated by God and entered into with Israel.
  5. Making Germany and all of Europe “Judenrein” by mass killings of German Nazis.
  6. “Ritually correct” diet because God has clearly instructed Jews to do so.
  7. Hebrew for “one anointed by God.”
  8. He led the descendents of Abraham out of bondage in Egypt and was instructed by the Lord, on Mount Sinai, to confront the Egyptian Pharaoh and demand that he set the people free.
  9. Concerned with strict observance of the commandments of the Torah as a matter of survival.
    Orthodox Judaism
  10. An 8 (or seven) day commemoration of the deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt. Refers to the angel of death “passing over” the homes of the Hebrew families when the first-born of the Egyptians were killed.
  11. Preserving all of the basic principles of Judaism by adapting them to changing circumstances.
    Reform Judaism
  12. “New Year”. 10-day period of penitence, during which Jews are challenged to review their lives over the past year, clear debts and obligations to others and prepare for a new year of Torah obedience.
    Rosh Hashanah
  13. The 25-hour period that begins Friday at sundown.
  14. Places of gathering for the hearing and study of the teaching (Torah).
  15. “Law, instruction” given by God on how the people of Israel are to keep their part of the covenant agreement.
  16. Palestinian “learning, teaching”. Its the collection composed of the Mishnah and the further interpretation (Gemara). Constitutes the fullest expression of the Oral Torah.
  17. “Lord”.
    YHWH (Yahweh)
  18. “Day of Atonement”. A day of abstinence from work, with prayers for forgiveness and reconciliation.
    Yom Kippur
  19. Goal is to find a homeland for Jews where they would be safe from persecution.
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