Art History 2

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    Las Meninas, Diego Velazquez
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    San Giorgio Maggiore, Andrea Palladio
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    David, Donatello
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    Allegory of the art of painting, Jan Vermeer
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    Knight, death and the devil, Albrecht Durer
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    Assumption of the virgin, Titian
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    Sant' Andrea, Leon Battista Alberti
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    Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride, Jan van Eyck
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    Consequences of War, Peter Paul Rubens
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    Burial of Count Orgaz, El Greco
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    Isenheim Altherpiece, Matthias Grunewald
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    Entombment, Caravaggio
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    David, Gianlorenzo Bernini
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    Arena chapel, Giotto di Bondone
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    The company of captain frans banning crocg (night watch), Remebrandt
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