Dopamine (Intropin)

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  1. Class:
  2. Description:
    Naturally occurring catecholamine, Chemical precursor or norepinephrine. It acts on alpha, Beta one, and dopaminergic receptors. Alpha Receptors are dose dependent
  3. Mechanism of Action
    Increase cardiac contractility, Causes peripheral vasoconstriction
  4. Onset of Action:
    • Onset: <5 minutes
    • Peak: 5-8 minutes
    • Duration: < 10minutes
    • Half-Life: 2 minutes
  5. Indications:
    Hemodynamically significant hypotension not resulting from hypovolemia, cardiogenic shock
  6. Contraindications:
    Hypovolemic shock in which complete fluid resuscitation has not occurred, Pheochromocytoma
  7. Precautions
    Presence of severe tachydysrhythmias, presence of ventricular fibrillation, Ventricular irritability, Beneficial effects lost when dose exceeds 20ug/kg/min
  8. Side Effects
    • Hypertension,
    • Palpitations
    • Ventricular Tachydysrythmias
  9. Adult Dose
    • Renal Failure: 2-4ug/kg/min
    • Cardiac: 2-10ug/kg/min
    • Vasoconstriction (Alpha 1 Stimulant): 10-20 ug/kg/min
  10. Pedi-Dose
    2-20 ug/kg/min
  11. Max Dose:
    20 ug/kg/min
  12. Routes of Administration
    IV drip only
  13. How Supplied:
    400 mg Vials, 800 mg Vials, Prefilled bags
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