Gateways 2, Unit 3, Ch.3

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  1. "Babe the ox feels better in the morning and begins to nuzzle Paul Bunyan's neck. When people or animals _____ you, they gently rub you with their faces to show that they like you." (from Gateways 2 Anthology, p. 200)

    What is this 6 letters vocabulary verb word?


    1. What would a dog nuzzle, a puppy or a football? Explain.

    2. Would a baby nuzzle a mean babysitter? Explain.
  2. "After Paul rescues Babe from the cold, the two are _____ . If people are _____, they feel very close to each other and want to be together all the time." (from Gateways 2 Anthology, p. 200)

    What is this 11 letters vocabulary adjective word?


    1. Who would be considered inseparable, a happily-married couple or a dog and cat who keep fighting? Explain.

    2. Are best friends inseparable? Why or why not?
  3. "When Paul spends the first night with Babe, he is not sure the ox will live through th night. He is _____ about whether the ox will survive . If people are _____, about something, you question it or doubt it." (from Gateways 2 Anthology, p. 200)

    What is this 9 letters vocabulary adjective word?


    1. What would a contestant on a TV singing show be quizzical about, why people thought he sang well or why people thought he sang badly? Explain.

    2. If you studied hard for a test, would you be quizzical about earning a good grade? Why or why not?
  4. "In the tall tale, Paul Bunyan _____ through his telescope when he wants to see something far away. If you _____ at something, you look at it closely." (from Gateways 2 Anthology, p. 201)

    What is this 4 letters vocabulary verb word?


    1. Who would peer at your face, an eye doctor or a soccer coach? Explain.

    2. What would you hope to see if you peered through a telescope? Explain.
  5. "Paul Bunyan decides when and where he will work. He has _____ about the kind of work he will do. If you have _____, you are independent and free to make your own choices." (from Gateways 2 Anthology, p. 201)

    What is this 8 letters vocabulary noun word?


    1. Does a student or a teacher have more autonomy when it comes to creating the classroom schedule? Explain.

    2. Does a young child living at home have much autonomy? Why or why not?
  6. "For many years, loggers and lumberjacks told respectful stories about Paul Bunyan. They told stories filled with _____. If you have _____ for someone, you show that person deep respect." (from Gateways 2 Anthology, p. 201)

    What is this 9 letters vocabulary noun word?


    1. Who might an English teacher have greater reverence for, a great writer or a person who writes TV commercials? Explain.

    2. Do people have reverence for their heroes? Why or why not?

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Gateways 2, Unit 3, Ch.3
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Vocabulary Words

nuzzle, inseparable, quizzical, peer, autonomy, reverence
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