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  1. What are Confluent points?
    • Treat disharmonies in their extra channels
    • Also in their related primary channel
  2. Yinwei
    Pc6 - nei guan

    (paired with Chong)
  3. Yinqiao
    Kd6 - zhao hai

    (paired with Ren)
  4. Yangwei
    Sj5 - wai guan

    (paired with Dai)
  5. Yangqiao
    Ub62 - sheng mai

    (paired with Du)
  6. Du
    Si3 - hou xi

    (paired with Yangqiao)
  7. Ren
    Lu7 - lie que

    (paired with Yinqiao)
  8. Dai
    Gb41 - zu lin qi

    (paired with Yangwei)
  9. Chong
    Sp4 - gong sun

    (paired with Yinwei)
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