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  1. What is thermochemistry??
    Thermochemistry is the chemistry of heat and heat-associated chemical phenomena. It is concerned with heat exchange accompanying transformations like chemical reactions
  2. What is an endothermic reaction?
    A reaction in which heat is absorbed

    reactants + energy as heat ------> products
  3. What is exothermic reaction?
    • A reaction in which heat is evolved
    • reactants -----> products + energy as heat
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    Endothermic or exothermic reaction?
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    Endothermic or exothermic reaction?
  6. What is enthalpy?
    Enthalpy is the heat content of reacting materials. Enthalpy symbol, H
  7. What is delta H?
    Delta H is the change in heat content of materials during a reaction. It is usually seen as a change in temperature.
  8. What is Standard Enthalpy Change?
    Standard Enthalpy Change for a reaction is the heat change measured at a standard pressure and temperature (1.01x105 Pa, 298K). All substances are in their normal physical state. Any solutions involved have a concentration of 1.0M
  9. What is Standard heat of Reaction?
    Standard heat of reaction is the amount of heat absorbed or evolved when the molar quantities of reactants as stated in the stoichiometric equation react together under standard conditions
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