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  1. coccygeal
    pertaining to the coccyx, tailbone
  2. hypochondriac
    regions of the abdominopelvic cavity under the cartilage of the ribs
  3. pleura
    double membrane surrounding each lung
  4. pleural cavity
    space between the pleura and surrounding each lung
  5. peritoneum
    attaches the abdominal organs to the abdominal mucscles, surrounds each organ in the abdomen
  6. spinal cavity
    space surrounding the spinal column, contains the spinal cord
  7. cervical region
    neck, 7 bones C1-C7
  8. thoracic region
    chest region, 12 bones T1-T12
  9. lumbar region
    loin or waist region, 5 bones, L1-L5
  10. sacral region
    sacrum or lowerback, 5 fused bones, S1-S5
  11. coccygeal region
    coccyx or tailbone region, 4 fused bones
  12. mediastinum
    space between the lungs containing the heart
  13. frontal (coronal) plane
    up-and-down plane that divides the body, or body part, into front and back portions
  14. sagittal (lateral) plane
    up-and-down plane that divides the body or body part into right and left sides
  15. midsagittal plane
    divides vertically into right and left halves
  16. transverse (axial) plane
    horizontal plane dividing body or organ into upper and lower portions
  17. lateral
    pertaining to the side
  18. lumbar
    pertaining to the loins; part of the back and sides between chest and hip
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