quick quiz 3

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  1. alloy v
    to commingle; to debase by mising with something inferior
  2. unalloyed v
  3. amalgamate v. (amalgam)
    to combine several elements into a whole
  4. ambiguity n
    uncertainty in meaning
  5. ambivalence n. (ambivalent)
    the quality of having opposing ideas or feelings
  6. ameliorate v.
    to make better or more tolerable
  7. amenable adj. ("AMEN")
    agreeable; responsive to suggestion
  8. anachronism n.
    something or someone out of place in terms of historical or chronological context
  9. anathema n.
    a solemn or ecclesiastical (religious) curse; accursed or thoroughly loathed person or thing
  10. anodyne adj. (emollient, mollify)
    soothing, comforting
  11. anomaly n. (anomalous)
    deviation from the normal order, from, or rule; abnormality
  12. antagonize v.
    to irritate or cause hostility
  13. anitpathy n.
    aversion, dislike
  14. antipathetic adj.
    showing a strong aversion
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