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  1. Clients with this are often unable to produce or understand languae
  2. Is the inability to name common objects or to express simple ideas in words or writing
    Expressive aphasia
  3. The nurse notices that the client is able to understand her questions when she asks him, but aslo notes that the client is unable to express an asnwer. What does he have?
    expressive aphasia
  4. Inability to understand written or spoken language
    Receptive aphasia
  5. The nurse notices that the client is able to express words but is unable to understand her questions when she asks them. What does the client have?
    Receptive/sensory aphasia
  6. The inability to understand language or communicate orally
    Global aphasia
  7. When a person recieves multiple sensory stimuli and cannot perceptually disregard or selectively ignore some stimuli. (Reception of multiple sensory stimuli)
    Sensory Overload
  8. A nurse notices the the client not responding meaningfuly to her questions. The appears to have racing thoughs, scattered attention along with anxiety and restless. What does the nurse suspect the pt is experiencing?
    Sensory Overload
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