CVR 6 and 7

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  1. These two words, are the difference between maximum cardiac output and resting cardiac output
    Cardiac Reserve
  2. What are the 2 determinants of CO?
    • Heart rate
    • SV
  3. What are the 3 determinants of SV?
    • Preload
    • Afterload
    • Contractility
  4. This is the load on a muscle in the relaxed state
    • Preload
    • It causes the muscle to stretch and develop passive tension
    • Its basically End Diastolic Volume
  5. This is the load on a muscle during contraction
    • Afterload
    • So left ventricular afterload is basically aortic pressure
  6. This is a change in performance at a given preload
  7. What does the frequency-force relationship show?
    • Increasing HR increases Contractility
    • Because more Ca+ activates more cross-bridges
    • Image Upload 1
  8. What does Starling's law say?
    • More EDV --> greater force o contraction --> more SV--> more CO
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  9. Image Upload 3
    This....This is Frank Starling
  10. Equalization
    Image Upload 4
  11. Nerve supply to the Heart:
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