BPS Chapter 17

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  1. the vocal and nonverbal behavior that a speaker uses in a public speech; one of the five canons of rhetoric
  2. a type of delivery in which the speaker reads the speech verbatim- that is, from prepared written text that contains the entire speech, word for word
    speaking from manuscript
  3. a type of delivery in which the speaker puts the entire speech, word for word, into writing and then commits it to memory
    speaking from memory (oratory)
  4. a type of delivery that is unpracticed, spontaneous, and improvised
    speaking impromptu
  5. a type of delivery that falls somewhere between impromptu and written or memorized deliveries. speakers delivering an extemporaneous speech prepare well and practice in advance, giving full attention to all facets of the speech- content, arrangement, and delivery alike. instead of memorizing or writing the speech word for word, they speak from an outline of key words and phrases
    speaking extemporaneously
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