French Verbs

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  1. accepter
    to accept
  2. acheter
    to buy
  3. advenir
    to happen
  4. aider
    to help
  5. aimer
    to like, to love
  6. aller
    to go
  7. amener
    to take
  8. amuser
    to amuse
  9. appeler
    to call
  10. apporter
    to bring
  11. apprendre
    to learn
  12. approcher
    to approach
  13. approuver
    to approve (of)
  14. arranger
    to arrange
  15. arriver
    to arrive
  16. attendre
    to wait for
  17. assister
    to attend
  18. avoir
    to have
  19. avoir besoin
    to need
  20. avoir raison
    to be right
  21. blesser
    to hurt, or offend
  22. boire
    to drink
  23. bouger
    to move
  24. ceindre
    to put on
  25. changer
    to change
  26. chasser
    to hunt, to chase
  27. chercher
    to look for
  28. circonscrire
    to contain
  29. clore
    to close
  30. commander
    to order
  31. commencer
    to begin, to start
  32. comprendre
    to understand
  33. courir
    to run
  34. craindre
    to fear
  35. croire
    to believe
  36. cuire
    to cook

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French Verbs
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French Verbs and conjugations
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