Music Terms

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  1. What is an Accent and what does it look like?
    • An accent is a stressed note.
    • It looks like > under or above the note. Depends on where the note is on the ledger line.
  2. What does Adagio Mean?
    • Adagio means to playin a slow tempo.
    • In between Andante and Largo.
  3. What is Allegretto?
    Allegretto is a fairly fast little slower than allegro.
  4. What is Allegro?
    Fast tempo
  5. What is Andante?
    Andante means to play in a walking pace...moderately slow.
  6. What is Atempo?
    Atempo means return to original tempo.
  7. What is Cantabile?
    Play in a singing stlye.
  8. What is Crescendo and what does it look like?
    A crescendo "cresc." is a symbol that means to gradually get louder.

    It looks like < and the size depends on how long you want to stress the increase.
  9. What is a Fermata?
    It means to hold a note.

    It is written above or below the note and is usually half the value of the note added to the note. (Think of as a dotted pause.)
  10. What is Con Pedorle?
    Con Pedorle means with pedal.
  11. What is Da Capo.
    • Da Capo means to repeat from begining once.
    • D.C.
  12. What does Dal Segro mean?
    • Dal Segro means repeat from the sign.
    • D.S.
  13. What is Decrescendo and what does it look like?
    • Decrescendo means to gradually get softer.
    • It looks like < and the size depends on how long you want to stress the note.
  14. What is Diminuendo?
    • Diminuendo means to gradually get softer.
    • Same as Descrescendo.
  15. What is Fine?
    • Fine is the end of the music.
    • Pronounced "Fin aye"
  16. What is Forte?
    It means to play loud.
  17. What is Fortissimo?
    Fortissimo means to play very loudly.
  18. What does Grazioso?
    Grazioso means to play gracefully.
  19. What is Largo?
    Largo means to play very loudly.
  20. What is Legatto?
    Legatto means to play smoothly; connecting the notes.
  21. What is Lento?
    Lento means to play slow.
  22. What is Maestoso?
    Maestoso means to play Majestic.
  23. What is Marcato?
    Marcato is a section of stressed notes.
  24. What is Mano destra?
    When the sheet music wants you to use your right hand to play a specific portion of notes.
  25. What is Mano sinista?
    • Mano sinista is when the sheet music wants you to use your left hand to play a specific portion of notes.
    • Remember left hand was thought to be sinister.
    • Sinista<->Sinister
  26. What is Mezzo Forte?
    Mezzo (Met zo) Forte means to play moderately loud.
  27. What is Moderato?
    Moderato means to play at a moderate pace.
  28. What is Mezzo Piano?
    Mezzo Piano means to play moderately soft.
  29. What is 8va/Ottava and what does it look like?
    • Ottava is illustrated with a bar over the notes.
    • It means to either play one octave higher or one octave lower.
    • If the bar is above than higher.
    • If the bar is below than lower.
  30. What does Pianissimo mean?
    Pianoissimo means to play very soft.
  31. What does Piano mean?
    • Piano means soft.
    • Piano was originally called Forte Piano because it could play lound and soft notes.
  32. What is Presto?
    Presto means very fast.
  33. What is Prestissimo?
    Prestissimo means to play as fast as possible.
  34. What is Ralletando?
    Rallentand means gradually slowing down.
  35. What does Ritardando mean?
    Ritardano mean gradually slowing down.
  36. What is a Slur?
    • A Slur means to play notes in Leggato style.
    • There can be more than two notes connected.
    • The connected notes are always different notes.
    • In guitar these are the slides, hammer on, pull-offs.
  37. What is Staccato?
    • Staccato means sharply detached.
    • In guitar it is the plucking of the strings.
  38. What is a Tie?
    • A tie means to hold the note for the combined note value.
    • The connected notes are always the same note.
  39. What is tempo Primo?
    • Tempo Primo means return to original speed.
    • Same as Atempo
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