AP Physics B Formulas

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  1. average velocity (m/s)
  2. acceleration (m/s2)
  3. velocity (m/s)
  4. displacement (m)
  5. displacement (m)
  6. velocity squared (m/s)2
  7. net force (N)
  8. frictional force (N)
  9. work (J)
  10. kinetic energy (J)
  11. net work (J)
  12. gravitational potential energy (J)
  13. power (W)
  14. power (W)
  15. momentum (kg*m/s)
  16. impulse (N*s)
  17. uniform motion velocity (m/s)
  18. centripetal force (N)
  19. torque (N*m)
  20. Hooke's law (N)
  21. elastic potential energy (J)
  22. period of a pendulum (s)
  23. period of a spring (s)
  24. gravitational force (N)
  25. velocity of a satellite (m/s)
  26. pressure (Pa) or (N/m2)
  27. absolute pressure (Pa) or (N/m2)
  28. Pascal's principle
  29. Archimedes principle (N)
  30. equation of continuity
  31. Bernoulli's principle
  32. ideal gas law
  33. combined gas law
  34. average kinetic energy of a gas molecule (J)
  35. root mean square velocity (m/s)
  36. first law of thermodynamics (J)
  37. work of an isobaric process (J)
  38. efficiency of a heat pump
  39. efficiency of a heat engine
  40. efficiency of a Carnot engine

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AP Physics B Formulas
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Physics Formulas

Formulas for AP Physics B exam: 1st semester
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