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  1. Examples of Innate barrier defenses
    • Epidermis
    • Low pH of sweat, vagina
    • Mucous
    • Cilia
  2. 1. Which leukocytes mature in the bone marrow?

    2. Which leukocytes mature in the lymph tissue?
    • 1. Granulocytes, monocytes, some lymphocytes
    • 2. Most lymphocytes/plasma cells
  3. What are the types of leukocytes and their normal %?
    • Neutrophils - 62%
    • Lymphocytes - 30%
    • Monocytes - 5.3%
    • Eosinophils - 2.3%
    • Basophils - 0.4%
  4. What is diapedesis?
    Process by which neutrophils and monocytes exit pores of blood capillaries to enter tissue spaces
  5. What is opsonization?
    Process by which phagocytic cells select targets: antibody binds to target, C3 molecules, which bind to receptors on phagocytic membrane
  6. What is the fate of a phagocytic vesicle?
    Fuses with lysosomes and other granules in the neutrophil, making it a digestive vesicle
  7. Specific tissue macrophages and their locations
    • Histiocytes - skin and subcutaneous tissue
    • Kupffer Cells - Liver sinusoids
    • Alveolar macrophages - Lungs
  8. What are the characteristics of inflammation?
    • Vasodilation
    • Increased capillary permeability
    • Clotting of interstitial fluid (often)
    • Granulocyte, monocyte invasion
    • Swelling
  9. What causes invasion of neutrophils into an inflamed area?
    Inflammatory cytokines (TNF, IL-1) produced by macrophages
  10. What are the main roles of Eosinophils?
    • Defense against parasites, helminthes (worms)
    • Phagocytizing allergenic products
  11. What is the main role of Basophils?
    • Combat certain parasitic and viral infections
    • Allergic reaction - Immunoglobulin E (IgE) produced attach to Basophils, causing release of histamine...
  12. 1. What is leukopenia?
    2. What is leukemia?
    • 1. Condition in which the bone marrow produces very few white blood cells
    • 2. Uncontrolled production of white blood cells (often undifferentiated)
  13. Describe the Acute Phase Response?
    • Leukocytes secrete cytokines in response to bacteria
    • Cytokines stimulate hepatic synthesis of complement components, fibrinogen, etc.
  14. What produced Platelets? Where?
    Megakaryocytes in bone marrow
  15. 1. Which cells are granulocytes?
    2. Which granules do they contain
    • 1. Neutrophils, Eosinophils, Basophils
    • 2. Nonspecific (azurophilic - lysosomes) and specific granules
  16. 1. Which cells are agranulocytes?
    2. Which granules do they contain?
    • 1. Monocytes, Lymphocytes
    • 2. Nonspecific (azurophilic) granules ONLY
  17. What are myeloid cells?
    Granulocytes and monocytes/macrophages
  18. What are the major functions of Monocytes?
    • Processing/disposal of necrotic cells
    • Phagocytosis of foreign bodies
    • Initiation of immune response, presentation of antigens
  19. What are the options for proteins defining forming vesicles in pinocytosis?
    • Clathrin
    • Caveolin
  20. What is leukotriene B4?
    A chemo-attractant for neutrophils, released by neutrophils
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