Chapter 8 Los verbos

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  1. agregar
    to add
  2. amasar
    to knead
  3. asar
    to roast
  4. batir
    to beat
  5. contener
    to contain
  6. crecer
    to grow
  7. cubrir
    to cover
  8. desear
    to want, desire
  9. doblar
    to fold
  10. estar a dieta
    to be on a diet
  11. freir (i)
    to fry
  12. mezclar
    to mix
  13. mojar
    to dip; to wet
  14. pedir (i)
    to ask for, to order food
  15. pelar
    to peel
  16. picar
    to chop, mince
  17. rallar
    to grate
  18. tapar
    to cover
  19. calcular
    to calculate
  20. combinar
    to combine
  21. considerar
    to consider
  22. determinar
    to determine
  23. formar
    to form
  24. recomendar
    to recommend
  25. hacer la compra
  26. hacer la compra
    to go shopping for food
  27. hornear
    to bake
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