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  1. Morphine Sulfate

    Trade Name
    • Duramorph
    • Morphine
    • MS
    • MSO4
  2. Morphine Sulfate

    Opioid analgesic, Schedule II
  3. Morphine Sulfate

    Mechanism of Action
    • Alleviates pain through CNS actions
    • Suppresses fear and anxiety centers in brain
    • Depresses brain stem respiratory centers
    • Increases peripheral venous capacitance and decreases venous return
    • Decreases preload and afterload, decreasing myocardial oxygen demand
  4. Morphine Sulfate

    • Analgesia for moderate to severe acute and chronic pain (use with caution)
    • Adjunct prior to cardioversion or pacing
    • Severe CHF (in RI, not in MA)
    • Pulmonary edema (in RI, not in MA)
    • Chest pain associated with acute MI (in RI, not in MA)
  5. Morphine Sulfate

    • Head injury
    • Exacerbated COPD
    • Depressed respiratory drive
    • Hypotension
    • Undiagnosed abdominal pain
    • Decreased level of consciousness
    • Suspected hypovolemia
    • Patients who have taken MAOIs within past 14 days
  6. Morphine Sulfate

    Adverse Reactions
    • Respiratory depression
    • Hypotension
    • Decreased level of consciousness
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Bradycardia
    • Tachycardia
    • Syncope
    • Facial flushing
    • Euphoria
    • Bronchospasm
    • Dry mouth
  7. Morphine Sulfate

    Drug Interactions
    • Potentiates sedative effects of phenothiaxines
    • CNS depressant may potentiate effects of morphine
    • MAOIs may cause paradoxical excitation
  8. Morphine Sulfate

    How Supplied
    10 mg in 1 ml of solution, ampules and Tubex syringes
  9. Morphine Sulfate

    Dosage and Administration
    • 1-3 mg IV, IM, SC every 5 minutes titrated to maximum of 10 mg.
    • 0.1mg/kg to a maximum of 10mg IV/IM/SC
  10. Morphine Sulfate

    Dosage and Administration
    0.1 -0.2 mg/kg dose IV, IO, IM, SC q 5 minutes titrated to max of 5 mg
  11. Morphine Sulfate

    Duration of Action
    • Onset: Immediate
    • Peak effect: 20 minutes
    • Duration: 2 -7 hours
  12. Morphine Sulfate

    Special Considerations
    • Pregnancy safety: Category C
    • Morphine rapidly crosses the placenta
    • Safety in neonate not established
    • Use with caution in geriatric population and those with COPD, asthma
    • Naloxone should be readily available as antidote
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