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  1. The agreement to act with this also requires that the best interests of the client remain more important than self inerest.
  2. The greatest good, for the greatest number of people is the guiding priniciple for determining right action in this system
  3. Which of the following sets forth ethical principles for professional nursing practice in a clinical setting?
  4. What are the 4 principles of the nursing code of ethics?
    Responsibility, accountability, Confidentiality, advocacy
  5. The legal definition of death that facilitates organ donation is cessation of
    Functions of the entire brain
  6. he nurse is taking care of a client who recently underwent coronary
    bypass surgery. Which of the following represent legal sources of
    standards of care nurses use to deliver safe health care?
    Regulations identified in the Joint Commission manual, Policies and procedures of the employing hospital, Nurse Practice Act of the state in which the nurse is working, American Nurses Association standards of nursing practice
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