TKD Class opening/closing

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  1. Attention
    Char re-ut
  2. Face the Flags
  3. Bow
    Kyung yek
  4. Face the Instructor
  5. Creed of Jidokwan
    Jidokwan jung shin
  6. TKD for my country
    Nada ul wee-hi-ya
  7. TKD for my association
    Kwan-eel wee-hi-ya
  8. TKD for myself
    Na ul wee-hi-ya
  9. Sit
    Ahn jo
  10. Meditate
    Moong yum
  11. Tenets of Taekwondo
    Tae Kwon do jung shin
  12. Courtesy (meaning also)
    Yae-we (Polite)
  13. Integrity (meaning also)
    Yum-chi (Honesty and being sincere)
  14. Perseverance (meaning also)
    In nae (Never giving up)
  15. Self-Control (meaning also)
    Guk ki (control over body and mind)
  16. Indomitable Spirit (meaning also)
    Baek-ju-bool-gul (having a positive attitude at all times)
  17. Face the Instructor or face the senior student
    Sahbumnin-kae and Sunbaenin kae
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