MA 202 Specimen Collection

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  1. Dermal Puncture
    • When minute amounts of blood needed or patient venipuncture inadvisable / immpossible
    • Infants under 2 years old
  2. Dermal Puncture Alternitive
    Can be used for ABG
  3. Capillary Blood
    Higher concentration of hemoglobin and glucose
  4. Dermal Collected
    • From Capillaries
    • Mixture of venous and artery blood
    • Capillary most resembles artery blood
  5. Micropipettes Red Band
    Heprin coated
  6. Microhematocrit Tubes
    Drawn in by natural capillary action
  7. Warming Devices
    Used to increase blood flow to puncture site
  8. Depth and Width
    • Depth - never more than 3mm or 2mm on heel (infant)
    • Width - not to exceed 2.4mm (more important than depth)
    • Wider cut = more capillaries to bleed from
  9. Site for Dermal
    • Lateral palmer side of distal middle / ring finger (or big toe)
    • Medial or lateral heel
  10. Capillary Tubes
    • Hold horizontal to avoid air bubbles
    • Don't contact skin - only blood bubble
  11. First Collection
    Blood smears
  12. Bleeding Time Test
    • Length of time required to stop bleeding
    • Blood pressure cuff set to 40psi
    • Incision = 1mmD x 5mmW
    • Normal time 2-10 minutes
    • Wick blood every 30 seconds
  13. Ancillary Blood Glucose Test
    • Pancreas problems (diabetic)
    • Paper strips
  14. Coumadin
    Blood thinner
  15. Osteochondritis
    Inflammation of bone / cartilage
  16. Osteomyelitis
    • Serious bone infection
    • Can be fatal
  17. Constant Massage of Site
    • Will cut off circulation
    • Cause hemolysis
    • Introduce tissue fluid back into sample
  18. Dermal Puncture Direction
    • Across whorls of finger prints
    • "With" - will cause blood to flow down finger instead of making blood drop
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