Ch. 6, MGMT 641 exam 2

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  1. The power of nice
    it pays to be nice

    growth is the result not of fear and intimidation, but of smiles and compliments

    small kindness, the smiles, gestures, compliments, favors,

    • -Positive impressions, seeds that grow and expand
    • -someone unimportant can become an importatnt contact
    • -nice must be atuomatic
    • -harness the power of empathy
  2. Can you learn to be a leader? Behavioral perspective
    this approach argues that behaviors, not traits, importatnt

    early behavioral theorist say two broad categories; task oriented and relationship oriented. These are similar to the two trait dimensions of the trait theorist; competency and warmth.
  3. Douglas McGregor; Theory X and Theory Y, Task oriented leaders
    • he said managers either believe theory X or Y
    • X all workers are lazy, incapable of taking initiative or or making decision, need to be closely monitiored

    Y workers will be intrinsically motivated if given the chance to take pride in their work and achievements
  4. Five studies with 12,000 managers
    managers who were theory x were more likely to be lower achieving managers
  5. University of Michigan studies
    classified leaders on a single dimension that ranged from employee centered to job centered, but not both
  6. Ohio State "High-High Model"
    • Consideration: leaders how consideration when they support employee's needs, by being friendly caring.....
    • -this increases job satisfaction and commitment

    • Initiating structure: these leaders explain work roles, specify how to do the work, assign task and schedule production, and set high performance standards
    • -this improves task performance

    • Recommends that leaders do both
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