Topic 15 - Carbohyrdates

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  1. What is photosynthesis?
    The process in which green plants make carbohydrates from carbon monoxide and water
  2. What is the green pigment found in green plants called?
  3. What does chlorophyll do?
    It absorbs energy from the sun
  4. What is the word equation for photosynthesis?
    carbon dioxide + water ---> glucose + oxygen
  5. What is the opposite of photosynthesis?
  6. What is the word equation for respiration?
    glucose + oxygen ---> carbon dioxide + water
  7. What elements do carbohydrates contain?
    • Carbon - C
    • Hydrogen - H
    • Oxygen - O
  8. What can the energy that animals get from carbohydrates be used for?
    • Movement
    • Heat
  9. What is the test for starch?
    It turns iodine solution from brown to blue/black
  10. What is the test for glucose?
    When heated, it turns Benedicts soluion from blue to orange/red
  11. Glucose and fructose are...?
    • Monosaccharides
    • Isomers
  12. What is the formula for glucose and fructose?
  13. Sucrose and maltose are...?
    • Diasaccharides
    • Isomers
  14. What is the formula for sucrose and maltose?
  15. Starch and cellulose are...?
  16. Glucose and sucrose are small enough molecules to ________ completely in water?
  17. As starch molecules are too large to dissolve they form a...?
  18. What are examples of reducing sugars?
    Glucose, fructose and maltose
  19. When glucose molecules join together by condensation polymerisation they form what kind of molecules?
    starch and cellulose
  20. What is hydrolysis?
    The breaking down of a molecule by the action of water on the molecule
  21. Hydrolysis is the reverse of what kind of reaction?
  22. What is fermentation?
    The conversion of glucose into alcohol and carbon dioxide
  23. What is beer made from?
  24. What is wine made from?
  25. What is whisky made from?
  26. What is the name of the enzyme present in yeast that brings about the fermentation process?
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