Trunk and Arm Muscles

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  1. pectoralis major
    • flexes shoulder
    • adducts and medially rotates arm
    • extends shoulder from flexed position
  2. pectoralis minor
    depresses scapula or elevates ribs
  3. serratus anterior
    • rotates and protracts scapula
    • elevates ribs
  4. deltoid
    • flexes and extends shoulder
    • abducts and medially and laterally rotates arm
  5. external intercostal
    elevates ribs
  6. internal intercostal
    depresses ribs
  7. diaphragm
    • inspiration
    • depresses floor of thorax
  8. external AND internal abdominal oblique
    • flexes and rotates vertebral column
    • compresses abdomen
    • depresses thorax
  9. transversus abdominis
    compresses abdomen
  10. rectus abdominis
    • flexes vertebral column
    • compresses abdomen
  11. latissimus dorsi
    • adducts and medially rotates arm
    • extends shoulder
  12. levator scapulae
    • elevates, retracts, and rotates scapula
    • laterally flexes neck
  13. trapezius
    • elevates, depresses, retracts, rotates, and fixes scapula
    • extends neck
  14. teres major
    • extends shoulder
    • adducts and medially rotates arm
  15. teres minor AND supraspinatus AND infraspinatus AND subscapularis
    • stabalize shoulder
    • hold head of humerus in place
  16. teres minor
    laterally rotates and adducts arm
  17. infraspinatus
    laterally rotates arm
  18. supraspinatus
    abducts arm
  19. subscapularis
    medially rotates arm
  20. coracobrachialis
    adducts arm and flexes shoulder
  21. rhomboideus major AND minor
    • retracts, rotates, and fixes scapula
    • minor-slightly elevates scapula
  22. triceps brachii
    • extends elbow
    • extends shoulder and adducts arm
  23. biceps brachii
    • flexes shoulder and elbow
    • supinates forearm and hand
  24. brachialis and brachioradialis
    flexes elbow
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