17 C/A therapy

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  1. therapies used in conjunction with conventional medical therapies
    complementary therapies
  2. therapies used instead of conventional or mainstream medical modalities
    alternative therapies
  3. nurses must know the laws that govern these type of therapies in the states they work
    C/A therapies
  4. current therapies such as massage, art therapy, and herbal therapy have origins in ______ traditions
    ancient greek traditions
  5. what is the goal of TCM?
    (traditional chinese medicine)
    restoring adn maintaining a balance of health and well being
  6. traditional medical and surgical treatments
  7. what is the nurses role when a client integrates TCm with allopathic care?
    be sure the cleint is aware of drug interactions
  8. a chinese technique that applies needles adn heat to various points on the bodyto alter energy flow
  9. acupuncture is not safe for what types of disorders
    bleeding disorders or those takeing anticoagulants
  10. refers to the practice of enterign an altered state of consciousness with the intent to help others
  11. a folk healer who uses natural or supernatural power to heal
  12. a new field of science that believes that the body, mind, andpirit are seperate entities. describes the connection between thought adn physical reaction
  13. amino acids produced in the brain
  14. chemical substances produced in the body
  15. ridding of one disease
  16. method by which an individual can control some SNS function (heart rate, BP, resp rate)
    mind/body intervention
  17. self regulated techniques of mind/body intervention include
    meditation, relaxation, imagery, biofeedback, and hypnosis
  18. quieting of the mind by focusing attention on a sound or image or one's own breathing
  19. employs the alternate tensing or relaxing of muscles
  20. technique that uses the imagination to visualize a pleasant, soothing image
  21. measures physiological responses which assists individuals to imporve their health by using signals from their own body.
  22. induces an altered state of consciousness or awareness resembling sleep and during which a person is more receptive to suggestion
  23. substances that prevent or inhibit oxidation
  24. unstable molecules that alter genetic code
    free radical
  25. nonnutritive plant chemicals that have protective or disease preventive properties
  26. traditional /medicinal therapies include
    antioxidant or herbal remedies
  27. body movement modalities include
    exercise, chiropractic therapies, yoga, tai chi
  28. energy therapies include
    touch, therapeutic touch, therapeutic massage, healing touch, acupressure, reflexology
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