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  1. What is metabolism?
    All the chemical reactions that take place in the body
  2. What is Energy Metabolism?
    Chemical reactions that enable cells to obtain & use energy from nutrients
  3. 1) What is the process of making new molecules from smaller ones critical for growth, repair, maintenance & synthesis of body tissue?
    2) Does is require energy, or release it?
    E.G. Glucose+Glucose = Glycogen
    • 1) Anabolism
    • 2) Requires energy
  4. 1) What is the process of breaking down/ degradation of larger, more complex molecules to smaller ones?
    2) Does it require energy, or release it?
    • 1) CATabolism
    • 2) Releases energy
    • E.G. Glycogen = Glucose+Glucose
  5. Does the body use ATP as a source of energy, or does it access the energy in CHO's, Fats & proteins directly?
    The energy from the CHO's etc.. is used to form the ATP
  6. Name the 3 components of ATP
    • 1) sugar molecule
    • 2) a base
    • 3) Phosphate groups
  7. Name the 2 phases of Cellular Respiration.
    • 1) Aerobic Phase/Aerobic Respiration
    • 2) Anaerobic Phase/Anaerobic Respiration
  8. Name the 3 ways in which ATP can be formed
    • 1) Formation of ATP by phosphocreatine
    • 2) Formation of ATP by the breakdown of glucose/glycogen (glycolosis)
    • 3) Formation of ATP via oxidative processes
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