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  1. How should VD and DV and lateral films be placed on viewing screen?
    • DV/VD: Right side to your left in both
    • Lateral: Cranial side to the left
  2. What does a R or L marker on different film view indicate?
    • Lateral trunk (thorax or abdomen): Right or left lateral = side on cassette
    • DV or VD films: Side of animal
    • One limb in film: Limb in film
  3. How are thoracic films evaluated for rotation?
    • Lateral: Costochondral junctions & shoulder joints - same level
    • VD & DV: sternum & spinal column superimposed
  4. What structure is used to tell an expiratory from an inspiratory film?
    Position of diaphragm
  5. Once you have picked a method to evaluate films, what should you do each time you evaluate a film?
    Always read in the same manner every time - get into a routine
  6. What is the cranial limit of the abdomen?
  7. Can you visualize the sides of the diaphragm?
    • Cranial: yes as contrasted air (lungs):
    • Caudal: no, water densities against (liver and stomach)

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SGU Anatomy Thorax Radiography

SGU Anatomy Thorax Radiography
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