Lesson 9B

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  1. dare kara no tegami
    A letter from whom?
  2. kimi
    you (familiar)
  3. naruhodo
    that makes sense, of course, indeed
  4. raisyuu
    next week
  5. raigetu
    next month
  6. rainen
    next year
  7. konsyuu
    this week
  8. kongetu
    this month
  9. kotoshi
    this year
  10. kesa
    this morning
  11. konban
    tonight, this evening
  12. osoi
    is late, slow
  13. narimasu
  14. osoku naru
    become late, become slow
  15. hayai
    is early, fast
  16. irassyaru desyoo
    probably go/ come/ be (honorable)
  17. zyuu-ji made ni
    by 10:00
  18. asuko
    (alternate of asoko)
  19. isogashii
    is busy
  20. betu ni
    not especially
  21. yobimasu
    summon, call
  22. Kimura-san ni
    To Ms. Kimura
  23. kakeru
    suspend (something)
  24. denwa o kakeru/ denwa o suru
    make a phone call
  25. rusu
    absence from home
  26. nani ka atta n da
    it's that there was something
  27. deru
    go out, come out, leave
  28. uti o deru
    leave home
  29. deta n da
    it's that I left
  30. ziko
  31. kazi
  32. zisin
  33. okureru
    become late or delayed
  34. ziko de okureru
    become late because of an accident
  35. taihen
    terrible, serious
  36. taihen datta desyoo
    it was probably terrible
  37. zyoozu
    skillful, skilled
  38. heta
    unskilled, poor
  39. nagai
  40. mizikai
  41. nagai n da
    it's that it's long
  42. roku-syuukan ni naru
    become six weeks, get to be six weeks
  43. sonna ni
    to that extent, like that
  44. zyoozu ni naru
    become skilled
  45. benkyoo-suru
  46. mieru
    show up, appear
  47. byooki
    sick, sickness
  48. syuttyoo
    business trip
  49. kaeru no
    a matter of going home
  50. no
    (direct form of n desu)
  51. osaki ni
    ahead (polite)
  52. hayai n da
    it's that it's early/ fast
  53. hayai n zya nai?
    isn't it early/ fast?
  54. yoozi
    things to do, business

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