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  1. Almorzar (ue)
    To have lunch
  2. Cerrar (ie)
    To close
  3. Contestar
    To answer
  4. Descansar
    To rest
  5. Dormir (ue)
    To sleep
  6. Dormir la siesta
    To take a nap
  7. Empezar (ie)
    To begin
  8. Empezar a + inf
    To begin to (do something)
  9. Entender (ie)
    To understand
  10. Hacer
    To do; to make
  11. Hacer ejercicio
    To exercise
  12. Hacer un viaje
    To take a trip
  13. Hacer una pregunta
    To ask a question
  14. Jugar (ue) (al)
    To play (a game; sport)
  15. Oir
    To hear
  16. Pedir (i)
    To ask for; To order
  17. Pensar (ie) (en)
    To think about; to intend
  18. Perder (ie)
    To lose; to miss (a function)
  19. Poner
    To put; to place
  20. Salir (de)/(con)
    To leave (a place); to go out (with)
  21. Servir (i)
    To serve
  22. Traer
    To bring
  23. Ver
    To see
  24. Volver (ue)
    To return (a place)
  25. Volver a + inf
    To (do something) again
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