Mood Disorders

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  1. Mood Disorders
    Bipolar & Depression
  2. –Has
    experienced at least one episode of mania that alternates with depression

    may accompany the manic episode

    impairment in functioning

    require hospitalization for protection of self and others

    are not due to influence of a substance or medical condition
    •Bipolar I Disorder
  3. –Hypomanic
    episodes alternate with major depression

    in mood is observed by others

    is not present

    increases with hypomania; with depression suicide is a risk

    is not indicated

    are not due to influence of a substance or medical condition
    •Bipolar II Disorder
  4. –Hypomanic
    episodes alternate with minor depressive episodes

    least 2-year duration

    episodes of hypomania and depressed mood of insufficient severity to
    meet the criteria for either
    bipolar I or II disorder
    •Cyclothymic Disorder
  5. •Major Depressive Disorder

    –Characterized by depressed mood

    –Loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities (anhedonia)

    –Social and occupational functioning impaired for at least 2 weeks

    –No history of manic behavior

    –Cannot be attributed to use of substances or a general medical condition
    •Major Depressive Disorder
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