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  1. Precipitation Zones & what each consists of
    • Zone of Equivalence: Ab=Ag
    • Prozone: +Ab
    • Postzone: +Ag
  2. In a precipitation test, a good lattice formation indicates...
    Zone of Equivalence
  3. In an agglutination test, what forms the clumps?
    Ab's make PARTICULATE Ags clump
  4. Neutralization Tests determine the ability....
    of an Ab to neutralize the biological activity of and Ag
  5. Which test forms a ring around the antigen well?
    Radial Immunodiffusion
  6. Function of Radial immunodiffusion?
    Quantify amount of Ag
  7. What are used for agglutination indicators?
    • RBCs
    • Bacteria
    • Beads
  8. Agglutination tests are used for (3):
    • Detect unknown Ag
    • ID bacteria
    • Detect or quantitate agglutinating Ab
  9. Hemaggultination Inhibition tests detect
    Ab against viruses that agglutinate RBCs
  10. What indicates a + Hemaggultination Inhibition test?
    • No agglutination
    • Pellet of RBCs
  11. In Hemaggultination Inhibition test, what agglutinates?
    • P's Ab and virus
    • (not Virus and RBC)
  12. What does a neutralization test detect?
    The ability of an Ab to neutralize an Ag
  13. Positive Complement Fixation Test =>
    • + Pellet
    • - Red/RBC lysis
  14. How does a complement fixation test work?
    Ag/Ab fixes complement so that it cannot lyse senstized RBCs
  15. When is Acute serum collected? Convalescent?
    • Acute= Early after onset
    • Convalescent= 14-21 days later
  16. What is indicative of a convalescent titer?
    • 4-fold increase in titer
    • (1:2 / 1:64)
  17. Sensitivity-
    DISEASED animals that test +
  18. Specificity-
    NON-diseased that test -
  19. Negative results can be trusted from a highly ___ test
  20. Positive results can be trusted from a highly ___ test
  21. What test is used for procine parvo?
  22. What test is used to Dx Immune mediated hemolytic anemia?
  23. Which test usually has 96 wells and can be used for multiple patients?
  24. What test can be used to detect Ab for Bovine Viral Diarrhea?
    DFA (Direct Fluorescent Ab)
  25. What test can be used to direct Rabies Ab within the brain?
    DFA (Direct Fluorescent Ab)
  26. What test can be used to detect Ab for Porcine Repro & Respiratory Virus?
  27. What test can be used to test for Anti-Nuclear Antibody material?
  28. Which test could give a false +rabies?
    Western Blot
  29. What test detects Anaplasma marginale
    Complement Fixation Test
  30. Which test is highly specific and very sensitive?
    • Neutralization
    • Which test is used for Dx of food allgeries?
    • Western Blot
  31. What test is used to locate Ag's in a tissue section?
  32. What test is used to Dx Rheumatoid Factor in Canines?
    Latex Agglutination
  33. What test is used for Coggin's?
    Double immunodiffusion
  34. Which test test would you use if you would prefer a False Neg over a False Pos?
    Highly Sensitive
  35. What test is used for Brucella canis?
  36. What types of test is an agglutination test?
  37. Indirect test for detecting Ab against viruses that agglutinate RBC's=
    Hemagglutination Inhibition Test
  38. When are highly sensitive tests used (2)?
    • Rare Dz, but important to detect (BSE)
    • Early Dx important
    • Donated Blood (HIV)
  39. Screening Process for Brucella abortus

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