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    • Mass Flower Spring
    • Common Name: hyacinth
    • Botanical Name: Hyacinthus, compact spikelike racemes, waxy florets
    • Specialty Spring
    • Common Name: lily of the valley
    • Botanical Name: Convallaria, from the Latin word convallis=valley
    • Mass Flower Spring/Summer
    • Common Name: peony
    • Botanical Name: Paeonia, from the Greek name paionia, referring to Paion, who was the physician of the gods.
    • Mass Flower Spring
    • Common Name: lilac
    • Botanical Name: Syringa, from the Greek word syrinx=pipe
    • Spring Flower
    • Common Name: sweet pea
    • Botanical Name: Lathyrus, Greek name for the pea
    • Specialty Flower
    • Common Name: tuberose
    • Botanical Name: Polianthes, polis=grey and anthos=flower
    • Form Flower
    • Common Name: flame tip; safari sunset; silver tree
    • Botanical Name: Leucadendron, Greek leukos=white and dendron=tree
    • Form Flower
    • Common Name: pincushion protea
    • Botanical Name: Leucospermum
    • Orchid
    • Common Name: oncidium orchid; golden shower; butterfly orchid; dancing lady orchid
    • Botanical Name: Oncidium, Greek onkos=tumor
    • Orchid
    • Common Name: phalaenopsis orchid; moth orchid
    • Botanical Name: Phalaenopsis, Greek phalaina=moth and opsis=resembling
    • Linear Foliage
    • Common Name: snake grass; horsetail
    • Botanical Name: Equisetum, Latin equus=horse and seta=bristle
    • Specialty Leaf
    • Common Name: cast iron plant
    • Botanical Name: Aspidistra
    • Filler Foliage
    • Common Name: tree fern
    • Botanical Name: Asparagus
    • Filler Foliage
    • Common Name: plumosa fern
    • Botanical Name: Asparagus
    • Filler Foliage
    • Common Name: Ming fern
    • Botanical Name: Asparagus
    • Filler Foliage
    • Common Name: sprengeri fern
    • Botanical Name: Asparagus
  1. I don't know
    • Line Foliage
    • Common Name: spiral eucalyptus
    • Botanical Name: Eucalyptus, Greek eu=well and kalypto=to cover
    • Mass Foliage
    • Common Name: galax
    • Botanical Name: Galax, Greek gala=milk

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