The Nervous System

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  1. The nervous system is composed of
    the _____, ______ ____ and ______.
    The brain and spinal cord make up the
    central nervous system.
    • brain
    • spinal cord
    • nerves
  2. Nerves carry information from the ______ to the _______ _______ ______and from the central nervous system to appropriate _______, making them contract.
    • senses
    • central nervous system
    • muscles
  3. The central nervous system sorts out information from ___ ______ and sends nerve impulses to _______ which contract, making an appropriate response.
    • the senses
    • muscles
  4. A ______ ______ is a rapid, automatic response to a stimulus. It usually has a ___________ function.
    • reflex action
    • protective
  5. A ______ ___ is an arrangement of nerve cells which allows a speedy flow of information between the _____ ______, the _______ _______ _______ and ________.
    • reflex arc
    • sense organs
    • central nervous system
    • muscles
  6. Stages of a reflex arc
    a) The ________ is detected by sensory receptors in the sense organs;
  7. Stages of a reflex arc
    b) _____ ________ are sent along a sensory nerve to the central nervous system
    Nerve impulses
  8. Stages of a reflex arc
    c) The impulse is passed to a relay nerve cell in the central nervous system which in turn passes it to a _____ _____ ____
    motor nerve cell
  9. Stages of a reflex arc
    d) The motor nerve cell passes the nerve impulse to the appropriate muscles which respond by ________
  10. The cerebrum controls
    • memory
    • personality
    • reasoned thought
  11. the cerebellum controls
    • co-ordination
    • balance
  12. the medulla controls
    • heart rate
    • breathing rate

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The Nervous System
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