Genetic Engineering

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  1. Genetic Engineering (definition)
    Manipulation of genes
  2. Gene Cloning
    "Identical copies of a gene"
  3. Recombinate DNA (Gene Cloning)
    • "Mixing up" DNA from one source with DNA from another.
    • *Must have a vector
    • 1st: vector-Bacteria / Target Gene
    • 2nd: insert target gene into vector
    • 3rd: bacteria replaicates--copies of gene
    • 4th: extract gene or protein
  4. Benefits of Gene Cloning
    • Mass production of:
    • vaccines
    • insulin
    • EPO to prevent anemia
    • Factor 8
    • GMO- aquired genes through artificial means (BST cows)
    • Transgenic- source of gene is different species (ex. flavor savr tomato)
  5. Therapeutic Cloning
    to repair damaged or diseased organs (ex. pancreatic cells to produce Insulin)
  6. Reproductive Cloning
    Image Upload
  7. "Gene"
    Segment of DNA
  8. "Character"
    Any feature that is heritable (can be transferred from parent to offspring)
  9. "Allele"
    Alternative version of a gene
  10. "Dominant Allele"
    Only one copy needed for expression (capital H)
  11. "Recessive Allele"
    Need 2 copies for expression (lower case h)
  12. "Homozygous"
    2 copies of same allele
  13. "Heterozygous"
    2 different copies of allele
  14. "Genotype"
    Set of alleles for gene
  15. "Phenotype"
    Physical characteristics (based upon genotype)
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