unit 2- respiration

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  1. define ventilation
    exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs.
  2. define diffusion
    passage of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the alveoli and RBC, you measure it w/ pulse oximetry
  3. define perfusion.
    flow of blood to and from the pulmonary capillaries.
  4. Defien respiration. name 3 ways to describe it.
    • VS responsible for evaluating the ffectiveness of the ventilatory process of oxygen adn carbon dioxide exchange
    • rate= 12 to 20/min
    • depth
    • rhythm
  5. what are the normal value for pulse ox? what are the acceptable values?
    • 95-100%
    • 91-100%
  6. 86% SO2 indicates?
    80% SO2 indicates?
    • emergency
    • life threatening
  7. what is the respiratory rate of a new born?
    what is the respiratory rate of school-age children?
    • 30-60/min
    • 20-30/min
  8. how do women breathe? How do men breathe?
    • thoracic muscles and chest movements= women
    • diaphragmatic breathers= men
  9. what type of things will increase the rate of respiration?
    • pain
    • anxiety
    • smoking
    • body position
    • medications
    • impaired oxygen carrying capacity of the blood
    • illnesses
  10. In what position would you like a client to be in to count respirations?
  11. How long should you count respirations?
    how long should you count if respirations are irregular?
    • 30 secs X2
    • 1 full minute
  12. what is hypoxemia? what are complication and nursing interventions?
    • SaO2 <90%
    • ensure prope is on properly
    • confirm that oxygen delivery system is functioning
    • place client in semi-fowlers or fowlers position to maximize ventillation
    • encourage deep breathing
    • assess for signs of hypoexmia
    • assess/monitor VS, report significant findings to primary care provider
    • remain w/ the client and provide emotional support to decrease anxiety
  13. what are signs of hypoexmia?
    • tachypnea
    • tachycardia
    • restlessness
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