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  1. What are the 6 jobs of Immunoglobulins (B CAN MO)?
    • 1) B-cell activation
    • 2) Complement pathway (IgG and IgM bind to C1)
    • 3) ADCC
    • 4) Neutralization
    • 5) Mast Cell degranulation
    • 6) Opsonization
  2. What antibody participates in B-cell Opsonization?
  3. What is the heterodimer that helps establish the mIg-BCR on B-cells?
    Ig-Beta and Ig-Alpha
  4. What receptor is expressed on a cell that needs to go through opsonization and phagocytosis?
    FcReceptor (detects the bottom of the Y of the Ab)
  5. What 5 cells participate in ADCC?
    • *Phagocytic cells*
    • 1) Monocytes
    • 2) Macrophages
    • 3) Neutrophils
    • 4) NK cells
    • 5) Eiosinophils
  6. For ADCC, what Ab signals NK cell attack?
  7. What Ab particularly binds Helminths (parasites) and Mast cells?
  8. Which is the most common IgG Ab: 1,2,3, or 4?
  9. What fluid contains IgA Ab's?
    Secretions (tears, saliva, etc.)
  10. What does IgE bind to?
    • Mast Cells and Basophils
    • Parasites
  11. What two Ab serve as part of the BCR on Naive B-cells?
    IgM and IgD
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