Anatomy ch 11-15

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  1. Chemical transmitter substance released by some nerve endings
    Acetylcholine (ACh)
  2. Enzyme present at the neuromuscular junction and synapses that degrades acetylcholine and terminates its action
    Acetylcholineesterase (AChE)
  3. carring to or toward a center
  4. Direct method of cell division, characterized by a simple clevage of the nucleus without the formation of chromosomes
  5. A type of CNS supproting cell; assists in exchanges between blood capillaries and neurons
  6. of or pertaining to the ANS; under control of the ANS
  7. Neuron process that carries impulses away from the nerve cell body; effernt process; the cinducting portion of a nerve cell
  8. Branching neuron process that serves as a receptive, or input, region; transmits an electrical signal toward the cell body
  9. Periphieral collection of cell bodies of first-order afferent neurons whose central axons enter the spinal cord
    Dorsal Root Ganglion
  10. Carring away or away from, espically a nerve fiber that carries impulses away from the central nervous system
  11. A type of CNS supporting cell; lines the central cavities of the brain and spinal cord
  12. Collection of nerve cell bodies outside the CNS
  13. Ability to be excited; a characteristic action or function by application of some stimilus
  14. Protective coverings of the CNS; from the most external to the most internal, the dura mater, arachnoid mater, and the pia mater
  15. A type of CNS supporting cell; can transform into phagocytes in ares of neural damage or inflammation
  16. Fatty insulating sheath that surrounds all but the smallest nerve fibers
    Myelin Sheath
  17. The delicate outermost membrane of the myeline sheath of a myelinated nerve cell
  18. Nonexcitable cells of neural tissue that supports, protects, and insulates the neurons; glial cells
  19. Small gaps in the myeline sheaths of medullated axons
    Nodes of Ranvier
  20. A type of CNS supporting cell that composes myeline sheaths
  21. Pertaining to that part of the ANS consisting of nerves and ganglia that arise from the cranial and sacral regions and function in opposition to the sympathetic system
  22. Cell body
  23. A type of supporting cell in the PNS; forms myeline sheathes and is vital to periphreal nerve fiber regeneration
    Schwann cells
  24. Pertaining to that part of the ANS consisting of nerves that arise from the thoracic and lumbar regoins of the spinal cords, functioning in opposition to the Parasympathetic system as in stimulating heart beat.
  25. Functional junction or point of close contact between two neurons or between a neuron and effector cell
  26. Axons locking a myeline sheath and therefore conducting impluses quiet slowly
  27. The time from the opening of the Na+ channels until the resting of the channels
    Absolute refractory period
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