AP Physics B Formulas II

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  1. Coulomb's law; electrical force (N)
  2. electrical field strength (N/C)
  3. electrical field strength of a point charge (N/C)
  4. electrical potential (V)
  5. electrical potential of a point charge (V)
  6. electrical potential energy between two point charges (J)
  7. capacitance (F) or (C/V)
  8. electrical potential energy (J) ito charge and potential
  9. electrical potential energy (J) ito capacitance and potential
  10. potential between two plates (V)
  11. current (A)
  12. Ohm's law; resistance (Ω)
  13. resistance (Ω) ito a bunch of weird variables
  14. power (W) ito current and potential
  15. power (W) ito potential and resistance
  16. power (W) ito current and resistance
  17. resistance for a series (Ω)
  18. resistance in parallel (Ω)
  19. capacitance in parallel (F) or (C/V)
  20. capacitance in a series (F) or (C/V)
  21. magnetic force (N)
  22. magnetic force on a current carrying wire (N)
  23. magnetic field strength at a given distance from a current-carrying wire (T) or (N*s)
  24. motional EMF (V)
  25. magnetic flux (Wb) or (T*m2)
  26. Faraday's law for electromagnetic induction (V)
  27. velocity of a wave (m/s)
  28. index of refraction
  29. Snell's law
  30. critical angle
  31. mirror/lens equation
  32. magnification
  33. Young's equation for double-slit interference (constructive)
  34. Young's equation for double-slit interference (destructive)
  35. distance from central bright band to an ordered fringe (m)
  36. energy of a photon (J) or (eV)
  37. Maximum kinetic energy of a photon (J) or (eV)
  38. stopping potential (eV)
  39. de Broglie wavelength (m)

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AP Physics B Formulas II
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Physics formulas equations

Second-semester formulas for AP Physics B
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