parks heritage

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  1. Dinosaur name
    Albertosaurus named Albert
  2. Non-personal
    • displays
    • signage
    • interactive media
  3. Personal interpertation
    • guided tours
    • educational programs
    • community programs
  4. Tilden’s Principals
    • Relate – a whale is 3 football fields long
    • Reveal
    • Art
    • Provoke
    • Whole
    • Children – different program not just watered down
  5. Make presentation stronger:
    • Words
    • Sounds
    • Images
    • Performing arts
  6. where do u see interpertation?
    • parks
    • Museums
    • hiking trails
    • lodges
    • conservation areas
    • zoos
    • roadside stops
  7. Park and hertiage interpretation translates with?
    • natural sciences
    • social sciences
    • history communicates

    • focus on ideas and relationship vs. facts and figures
    • Eg: pet owners, antque rod show
  8. S.m.a.r.t system?
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • achievable
    • realistic
    • time-bound
  9. Interpretation activites
    • puppet shows
    • roving interpretation
    • information station
    • educational
    • living history demonstrations
  10. Tildens Principles 1-3
    Any interpretation that does not somehow relate what is being displayed or described to something within the personality or experience of the visitor will be sterile

    Information is not interpretation. Interpretation is revelation based upon information. They are entirely different things, however, all interpretation includes information

    Interpretation is an art, which combines many arts, whether the materials presented are scientific, historical, or architectural. Any art is in some degree teachable
  11. Tildends principles 4-6
    The chief aim of interpretation is not instruction but provocation

    Interpretation should aim to present a whole rather than a part, and must address itself to the whole person rather than any phase

    Interpretation addressed to children should presented different then to adults
  12. Tildens 6 principles-R.R.A.P.W.C
    • Relate
    • Revelation
    • Art
    • Provocation
    • Whole
    • Children
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