Week 5

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  1. Iconoclast
    One who attacks, established beliefs
  2. Garrulous
    Talkative; Chatty
  3. Freedom
    Liberty; lack of restrictions; self determination
  4. Sacrifice
    Give up; forgo; surrender
  5. Prosperity
    Wealth; affluence; success
  6. Archaic
    Old; Ancient; dated
  7. The Modern Period
    1900 - WWII Influenced by Darwin, Marx Freud; Characters are often alienated from society
  8. Unreliable Narrator
    A narrator who, we perceive, is deceptive, deranged; unstable in some way
  9. Tone
    Implies the feelings of the author; the tome of a story may communicate amusement, anger, affection, sorrow or contempt
  10. Allegory
    A story in which persons, places and things form a system of cleverly labeled equivelants
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