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  1. Sermon on the Mount(9 items)
    • 1:Blessed are the POOR in spirit, for theirs is the KINGDOM of heaven.
    • 2:Blessed are those who MOURN, for they will be comforted.
    • 3:Blessed are the MEEK, for they will INHERIT the earth.
    • 4:Blessed are thos who are HUNGER and Thirsty for rightreousness, for they will be FILLED.
    • 5:Blessed are the MERCIFUL, for they will be SHOWN MERCY.
    • 6:Blessed are the PURE in heart, for they will SEE GOD.
    • 7:Blessed are the PEACEMAKER, for they will be called Sons of God.
    • 8:Blessed are those who PERSECUTED because of righteousness, for theirs is the KINGDOM of heaven
    • 9:Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.
    • 10:Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.
  2. Lord's prayer(8 sentences)
    (Matthew 6:9-13)
    • 1:Our Father in Heaven
    • 2:HALLOWED be your name
    • 3:your kingdom COME
    • 4:your will be DONE on earth as it is in heaven
    • 5:GIVE us today our daily bread
    • 6:FORGIVE us our debts, as we also have forgiven our detors
    • 7:and LEAD us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one
    • 8:for the Kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours, now and forever
    • 9:Amen
  3. Apostles' Creed(12 items)
    aka: Declearation of Faith
    • 1:I believe in God the Father Almighty, creator of heaven and earth
    • 2:and in Jesus Christ His only son, our lord
    • 3:who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary
    • 4:suffered under Pontius Pilate; was crucified, dead, and buried,
    • 5:He descended to hell; on the third da rose again from the dead,
    • 6:sacended into Heaven, sits at eh right hand of God the Father Almighty;
    • 7:then He will come to judge the living and the dead.
    • 8:I believe in the Holy Spirit,
    • 9:the holy catholic Church, the communiion of saints
    • 10:the forgiveness of sins,
    • 11:the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting
    • 12:Amen
  4. What is Bible?
    Bible is the COVENANT that God promised to human.
  5. How many parts in OT and NT, what are they?
    • OT(4):Laws, History, Poetic and wisdom, prophets(major,minor),(5+12+5+5+12)
    • NT(4):4Gospels, History, Letters of Paul, Letters of Apostles, Revelation(4+1+13+8+1)
  6. How many books in Bible?
  7. How many chapters in Bible?
    1194 in total
  8. How many authors of Bible?
    more than 40
  9. what Languages Bible was written?
    Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic.
  10. How many Years was spent on writing Bible?
  11. what is the year that Bible was finished?
    1900 years ago
  12. Who wrote Genesis
  13. what Five Books of Moses is about?
    Genesis and Laws, origin of human and Israel.
  14. What is Genesis is about? 
    Creation of the universe, and living creatures. History
  15. What is Exodus about?
    Moses took his people left Egypt
  16. What is Leviticus about?
    Model of worship
  17. what is Numbers about?
    Israel people at wilderness
  18. what is Deuteronomy about?
    Moses repeated God’s Law and power
  19. What is Book of Joshua about?
    Joshua led Israelites to conquered Canaan.
  20. Psalms was written by
    King David
  21. Proverbs was written by
    King Solomon
  22. Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs, were written by
    King Solomon
  23. What is Song of Solomon about?
    figuration of human love to the Love of God and Godly people
  24. Last book of Old Testament
    Book of Malachi
  25. What is Malachi about?
    Malachi, inspired by God, wrote the demand to worship God, obey Laws. Predicted the future.
  26. What is Old Testament about?
    the covenant of God with human, which was made before Jesus came.
  27. What is New Testament about?
    the covenant of God with human, which is through Jesus.
  28. Relationship of OT and NT
    OT forecasted NT, NT verified OT
  29. What is Gospels all about?
    life of Jesus
  30. Difference of each Gospel:
    Mathew called Jesus KING, Mark Servant, Luke son of man, John Son of God.
  31. What is Gospel?
    Good news.Word of God, Promise, repentance,
  32. Acts was written by, about,
    Luke, history of church in early age.
  33. Letters of Apostles were written by
    Paul(13) + others(8)
  34. Letters of Apostles are about
    God is the only God, Jesus is son of God, died on Cross, raised to heaven 3 days later, will come at the end of this world. Do not fear of persecution. Preaching Gospels.
  35. Last book of Bible is
  36. Revelation was written by
    Apostle John
  37. Revelation is about
    what will happen in the future.
  38. Revelation says
    at the end times, great tribulation will come, Satan will put mark of beast on right hand or forehead, Jesus come with angles and defeats Satan, white horse rider is called faithful and true, great white throne, sky and earth flee, new heaven and new earth, new Jerusalem, final judgment.
  39. How God created the world?
    • 1st day:-light => day and night,
    • 2nd day:-expanse or firmament => heaven, evening and morning,
    • 3rd day:-plant on land, vegetation
    • 4th day:-sun and moon, and stars
    • 5th day:-fish and birds
    • 6th day:-animal on land, human
  40. Sabbatical Day =
  41. How God made human?
    from dust, blow breath into his nostrils, with one rib for Eve,
  42. Adam and Eve sinned in
  43. What sin Adam and Eve sinned
    disobedience, fruit of knowledge tree,
  44. Who lured Adam ?
    Eve <- serpent
  45. How many sons Adam had in 930 years of his life?
    Cain, Abel, Seth, and others
  46. The first murder in history
    Cain killed Abel
  47. Human is the offspring of
    Seth, son of Adam
  48. Who walked with God for 300 years
  49. Who got the longest life ?
    969 years old, Methuselah, son of Enoch
  50. Who is Noah? what is his story?
    father of Shem, Ham, and Japheth: 7 pairs of each clean animal, 1 pair of each unclean animal, rained 40 days, flood 150 days, Noah live 950 years.
  51. Sons of Noah
    Shem, Ham, Methuselah
  52. Bow is sign of covenant of God
    All flesh will not be destroyed by flood.
  53. Towel of Babel:
    • 1,人类骄傲,自我成神。
    • 2,建巴别塔以通天
    • 3,神变乱人类语言
    • 4,人类不能合作完成通天意愿
  54. Abram
    Abraham, God gave him Canaan, Sarai his wife is barbarian, Second Hagar give birth to Ishmael, Sarah bear Isaac. They changed names to Sarah, and Abraham.
  55. Forefathers of Israel
    4, Abraham, Isaac, Job, Joseph
  56. Joseph, was sold to Egypt by
    his brothers, became a prime minister. Israel people had famine, ran to Egypt looking for Joseph for help.
  57. Who is Lot ?
  58. Where is Canaan right now
  59. Moses
    wrote the first books of Bible, took Israel people left Egypt for Promised Land. Ten commandments, Mount Sinai . 120 years old.
  60. Aaron
    brother of Moses, first priest of Israel
  61. Ten plagues
    • 1:Nile River turned to blood by Aaron,
    • 2:frogs,
    • 3:gnats,
    • 4:fly
    • 5:animals death,
    • 6:boils(疮),
    • 7:hails(雹),
    • 8:locusts(蝗虫),
    • 9:darkness,
    • 10:death of the first born
  62. Where God gave the ten commandments?
    Mount Sinai
  63. How many times Moses went to Sinai for the ten commandments
    2 time x 40 days each
  64. Who was with Moses to get the ten commandments
  65. Where the Ten Commandments wrote?
    God wrote on a stone pillar with finger
  66. What are the Ten Commandments?
    • 1: No other God,
    • 2: You should not make for yourself an idol.
    • 3: Do not take the name of you Lord in vain,
    • 4: Remember Sabbath and keep it holy.
    • 5: Honor you father and mother,
    • 6: No murder,
    • 7: No adultery,
    • 8: No steal,
    • 9: No false witness,
    • 10:No covet everything of your neighbors, wife and belongings.

    The most important two = No other God, Honor parents.
  67. Israelites put Ten Commandments at
    ark of the covenant(约柜)
  68. What Israelites ate in wilderness?
  69. Seven Festivals in OT
    • 1:Passover,
    • 2:Unleanvened Bread元酵节,
    • 3:Firstfruits,
    • 4:Pentecost,
    • 5:Trumpets,
    • 6:Day of Atonement,
    • 7:Tabernacles,
    • 8:Purim.
  70. Joshua
    wrote the book of Joshua, led Moses people to Canaan. (after Moses died)
  71. Rahab
    prostitute of Canaan, saved two spies sent by Joshua, later on, they saved the whole family of Rahab. She was ancestor of King David, and Jesus
  72. Who is Ruth,
    she honored her mother in law after her husband died. She is a ancestor of King David.
  73. How many kings in Israel
    3, Saul, David, Solomon.
  74. After King Solomon died, Israel divided into
    Judah in the south, and Israel in the North.
  75. Who conquered Israel?
  76. Who conquered Judah
  77. Prophet Elijah
    killed 450 priests who worshiped Ahab, king of Israel. He didn’t die; He was taken to heaven directly by God.
  78. Esther is
    wife of king of Persia, saved all Israel people.
  79. Who is Job?
    righteous man, Satan kill his 10 children, and business, he was still faithful. God gave me another 10 children.
  80. Holy Temple was first built by
    King Solomon.
  81. Who is Daniel?
    prophet, wrote the Book of Daniel. After Babylon conquered Judah, he was put in lion’s den. God shut the lion’s mouth.
  82. How many generations from Abraham to Jesus
  83. Life of Jesus
    Angel visited Mary, pregnant by Holy Spirit, born in a manger in Bethlehem, 3 wise men from the east, escaped to ?, started to preach Gospel when he was 30, betrayed by Judas, Killed by Pilate() on Cross, resurrected 3 days later, 40 days later lifted to heaven,
  84. Angel Gabriel told Mary to bear a baby by Holy Spirit, Mary said
    Behold, I am the servant of Lord, let it be to me.
  85. When was Jesus born?
    615 BC
  86. Jesus’ parents
    Jehovah, Joseph, Mary
  87. who are Brothers of Jesus ?
    4 of them: James, Joses, Simon, and Judas
  88. who is John the Baptist?
    son of Jesus' auntie, Elizabeth
  89. what is the name of Mother of John the Baptist?
  90. Where Jesus got baptized?
    Jordan River
  91. Talk between Jesus and John the Baptist before Jesus baptized :
    • Matthew 4:14:
    • But John tried to deter him, saying, "I need to be baptized by ou, and do you come to me?"
    • Matthew 4:15:
    • Jesus said, "let it be so now; it is proper for us to do this to fulfill all righteousness.
  92. Right after Jesus got baptized, Heaven was open, Holy Spirit, down to Jesus like a dove. Voice from Heaven said:
    Matthew 4:17: This is my son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.
  93. When Jesus was baptized, Dove fell onto the body of Jesus. Who drive the dove?
    No one did, because Holy Spirit was, is and is to come.
  94. What John the Baptist eat and cloth?
    Locusts and wild honey, camel hair
  95. Who killed John the Baptistand and Why ?
    Herod, for he blamed him for taking his brother’s wife.
  96. Trial on Jesus:
    • Holy Spirit took Jesus to wilderness, 40 days no food
    • 1:Devil said, turn stone to bread---Jesus said, Man should not live by bread alone
    • 2:Devil said, worship me, I will give all the nations to you--- Jesus said, worship Lord your God, and him only you should serve.
    • 3:Devil said, jump from the top of temple, you will be save by God --- Jesus said, you should not put Lord your God to the test.
  97. The first miracle Jesus gave
    water to wine, 6 jars, at a wedding,
  98. Names of 12 apostles:
    • Peter and Andrew, James and John, Philip and Bartholomew, Matthew and Thomas, another James and another Simon, Judas and another Judas.
    • Matthew 10:2-4: “These are the names of the twelve apostles: first, Simon (who is called Peter) and his brother Andrew; James son of Zebedee, and his brother John; Philip and Bartholomew; Thomas and Matthew the tax collector; James son of Alphaeus, and Thaddaeus; Simon the Zealot and Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Him.
  99. Who are Jesus’ brothers of relatives?
    James, and John the Baptist
  100. How many pairs of brothers among apostles?
    3 pairs: Peter and Andrew, James and John, James and Thaddaeus
  101. The first apostles
    fish man Simon Peter and his brother Andrew, James and his brother John,
  102. Who is more doubtful among the 12 apostles?
  103. Matthew’s occupation
    tax collector, Levi
  104. Story of Peter
    Simon, Fish man, call Jesus son of God, 3 times of denial of Jesus, baptized 3000 people in Jerusalem, first baptize gentiles, crucified by Rome, wrote book of 1 and 2 Peter,
  105. Who is the first Martyr
    James, (Stephen died earlier, but he was not among the 12)
  106. How the apostles died
    Judas was hanged, others were martyrs.
  107. After Judas death, the one was added to the 12, his name is
    Acts 1:26:Matthias, who was never mentioned again.
  108. cases of dead people were raised by Jesus:
    2:son of a widow at town Nain, Lazarus at Bethany
  109. The most important commandment
    love your God.
  110. Command of Jesus
    love with each other, as I love you.
  111. Story of 5 cakes and 2 fish, which was given to Jesus by
    a child.
  112. Jesus entered Jerusalem, by riding a
  113. Who and why betrayed Jesus?
    Judas, for Satan entered his heart.
  114. What did Judas received by betrayed Jesus?
    30 dollars, with which he bought a land.
  115. Where was the last supper ?
    The upper room:Jerusalem, at Mount Zion?, or Mark’s home?
  116. Where was Jesus arrested?
    Garden of Gethsemane, of Jerusalem,(可惜可尼园)
  117. Who accused Jesus after He was arrested?
    Chief priest, and Elders, The Jewish leadership, which included Scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees, Chief Priests and the Sanhedrin
  118. Why they accused Jesus?
    people followed Jesus, Jesus criticized them as fake prophets
  119. The chief priest who troubled Jesus
    Caiaphas, high priest,(该亚法)
  120. King Herod vs Pilate
    Herod in charge of Galilee, Pilate in charge of Judea

    • Where was Jesus crucified ?
    • Golgotha of Jerusalem,

    • Two king Herods:
    • father when Jesus was born, son when Jesus was killed.

    • What was Jesus accused?
    • king of Jews

    What Jesus said on cross(7 sentences)?

    • 1:My father, forgive them, because they don’t know what they did.
    • 2:I tell you the truth, today, you will be with me in the paradise.
    • 3:Father, into your hands, I commit my spirit.
    • 4:Dear woman, here is your son. Here is your Mother.
    • 5:I am thirsty
    • 6:It is finished
    • 7:My God, My God, why have you forsaken me.

    • The shortest sentence in Bible
    • It is finished.

    • When Jesus was crucified, which apostle was there at the scene
    • John
  121. When Jesus was crucified, who were there?
    • John the Apostle,
    • 3 disciples,
    • Mary mother of Jesus
    • Mary Magdalene
    • Mary wife of Clopas
    • sister of Jesus’ mother
    • disciple Salome
    • Roman soldiers
    • Centurion
  122. Who carried the cross for Jesus?
    Simon of Cyrene
  123. Who buried Jesus?
    Joseph of Arimathea
  124. What happened when Jesus died?
    • 1:Eclipse of sun and moon,
    • 2:earthquake,
    • 3:rock and grave of saints split,
    • 4:veil of temple torn from the top to bottom
  125. What is the Great Commission
    • 1:Spread gospels to all nations,
    • 2:evangelize and baptize them, in the name of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
    • 3:Have them obey what I taught you,
    • 4:and I will be with you
  126. Story of Jesus’ resurrection
    early morning before sunrise at the 3rd day after crucifixion, two Mary went to tomb, angel told them Jesus resurrected, Jesus showed,
  127. How many times Jesus showed up after ressurection?
    • 1:to disciples except Judas and Thomas at the night,
    • 2:on the road to Emmaus showed to 2 apostles,
    • 3:in Upper Room, to disciples, where Thomas put finger to Jesus hands to feel holes.
    • 4:8 days later, showed to Thomas,
    • 5:Beside the Sea of Galilee,
    • 6:when Jesus ascending to heaven 40 days later.
  128. Jesus is God or Human?
    • Before birth:God,
    • After birth:Both,
    • After resurrection:God
  129. Why Jesus died for?
    to save human from sin
  130. How many years was Jesus in this world?
    33 years.
  131. Where is Jesus now?
    Heaven, to the right of God the Father
  132. When Jesus will be back?
    end times
  133. Who is King David, and his story ?
    • 1:David is the second king of Israel,
    • 2:when he was young, he killed Goliath of Philistine, and became hero.
    • 3:He bacame the second King of Israel after King Saul was killed by Philistines.
    • 4:Many of his sons rebelled him. He killed them.
    • 5:He did adultery with Bathsheba, killed her husband Uriah,
    • 6:God was angry, sent prophet Nathan to condemn him, his child was put to death in 7 days.
    • 7:He wrote the book of Psalm.
    • 8:He is an ancestor of Jesus.
  134. When was the first church established?
    At the time of the First Pentecost (Shavuot) after Jesus ascending to heaven, in Jerusalem, when Holy Spirit descending and baptized apostles. Pentecost is also called, Festival of Weeks, Festival of Reaping.
  135. Who is the first Martyr of Christianity?
  136. Story of Paul the Apostle
    • His named Saul originally
    • he was Jew in Roman, persecuting Christians.
    • One day on the road to Damascus, God showed to him, bright light falling from heaven,
    • he felt, A voice asked: Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me.Rise and go to the city, you will be told what to do.
    • He could not see, entered Damascus,3 days without eating and drinking.
    • God sent Ananias to heal Saul,
    • He stopped persecution and followed God
  137. Where did Paul go to preach(8 places)?
    • 1:Damascus,
    • 2:Jerusalem,
    • 3:Caesarea,
    • 4:Tarsus,
    • 5:Antioch of Syria,
    • 6:Turkey,
    • 7:Greek,
    • 8:Rome,
  138. Where was Paul killed ?
    Rome, by Nero, the emperor of Rome
  139. What books Paul wrote ?
    • 13+1
    • 13 books of: (Romans to Philemon)
    • 1 book: (book of Hebrews)
  140. Doctrine of Christianity
    • John 3:16:
    • For God loved the world so much,
    • He gave his only beloved son,
    • that whoever believed in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.
    • For God did not send his son to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him.
    • The one believed in him is not condemned.
    • The one does not believes has been condemned already.
  141. How Christian is different from other religion(12 points)?
    • 1:Believe in Holy Spirit,
    • 2:do not worship idols.
    • 3:Loving God is the only God,
    • 4:mercy,
    • 5:eternal life,
    • 6:salvation,
    • 7:revelation,
    • 8:son of God,
    • 9:second coming,
    • 10:end times,
    • 11:judgment,
    • 12:forgiveness.
  142. Promises of God to whoever believe in Him:
    Forgiveness, salvation, eternal life.
  143. Who is God, What is Trinity
    God the Father, Son of God, Holy Spirit
  144. Who is God Father
    Jehovah, the creator of the world.
  145. Who is Son of God
    Jesus, savior, judge,
  146. Who is Holy Spirit
    Spirit of God, also called Helper,
  147. How many Gods
    Only One, the Trinity God
  148. What is Divinity of Christian God
    God is love, God is holy, trustful, merciful,
  149. What does it mean by Jesus Christ
    • Jesus = Personal name
    • Christ = the messiah, the anointed one
  150. What did Jesus preach
    salvation, repentance,
  151. why Jesus was crucified
    to save the world, paid for sins of ours,
  152. What is church
    congregation, home of spirits, Jesus is the head of church,
  153. When is Holy Spirit dwelling in your heart
    When baptized.
  154. Fruits of Holy Spirit
    • Galatians 5:22-23:
    • 1:"But the fruit of the Spirit is love,
    • 2:joy,
    • 3:peace,
    • 4:patience,
    • 5:kindness,
    • 6:goodness,
    • 7:faithfulness,
    • 8:gentleness, and
    • 9:sself-control."
  155. What is sin
    Turning away from God
  156. Types of sin
    • moral and impurity, original sin
    • sin of omission,
    • sin of commission
    • The transgression of the law
  157. Result of sin
  158. How to connect to God
    read Bible, Praying
  159. What is prayer
    talk to God
  160. Why to pray in the name of Jesus Christ
    God will not hear and answer if don’t, for we are sinful.
  161. What does Amen mean
    it is so, so be it, truly, faithfully, trustworthy,
  162. How many Christian rituals
    2, communion, and baptism,
  163. What is baptism, why
    death of old self, cleansing of sin, salvation, adoption to be child of God, eternal life. (rebirth of water and spirit)
  164. Types of baptism
    Holy Spirit and water (submersion, immersion and sprinkling, pouring over head)
  165. What pastor say during baptism
    because of your faith in Jesus Christ, it is my privilege to baptize you in the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  166. What the water signified for baptism?
    holy water, full of Holy Spirit.
  167. Something about communion
    • Jesus made it at the Last Supper at ,
    • bread and wine,
    • “ Do this in remembrance of Me”,
    • this is my body broken for you,
    • this is my blood shed for you.
  168. Who can take the communion
    after baptism
  169. What is heaven
    where God is
  170. Life of Christians
    • reading Bible,
    • Praying,
    • preaching Gospel,
    • devotion,
    • donation,
  171. Characteristics of Christians
    • humbleness,
    • kindness,
    • seeking God,
    • mercifulness,
    • willing to take to persecution, etc,
  172. Who can be saved
    faithful and baptized
  173. What Cross symbolized
    salvation, love,
  174. Festivals of Christianity
    Christmas, Easter,
  175. Lamb of God, scapegoats
  176. What is testimony
    tell what you witnessed, experienced, to glory God.
  177. Three elements of Christianity
    God, Bible, Church,
  178. What is law
    Old Testament.
  179. what is "Justified by Faith"?(因信称义)
    By faith, to establish relationship with God, through Jesus.
  180. Summary of Acts of Apostles
    • written by Luke
    • History of Early Church

    • 1:After Jesus ascending, apostles got together at Mark's home.
    • 2:The first pentcost, Holy Spirit down, Church established.
    • 3:Apostles went to spread Gospels.
    • 4:Churches developed
    • 5:Christians were persecuted, so they spreaded to all over.
    • 6:Paul was turned to Chritian, and 3 times to evanglized.
    • 7:paul was arrested, later brought to Roman, appealed to Roman empor, tought Bible in Roman.
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