Painting Rembrant

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  1. "Death of the Virgin", Caravaggio, 1600(1)(Italian Baroquee, Italy)
  2. "The Supper at Emmaeus", Caravaggio, 1500(4)(Italian Baroque, Italy)
  3. "Winged Cupid", Caravaggio, 1500(4)(Italian Baroque, Italy)
  4. "Madonna of the Pilgrims", Caravaggio, 1600(1)(Italian Baroque, Italy)
  5. "The Entombment", Caravaggio, 1600(1)(Italian Baroque, Italy)
  6. "David with Head of Goliath", Caravaggio, 1600(1)(Italian Baroque, Italy)
  7. "Judith and Holofernes", Gentileschi, 1600(1)(Italian Baroque, Italy)
  8. "Self-Portrait at Easel", Judith Leyster, 1600(2)(Italian Baroque, Italy)
  9. "Bathsheba", Rembrandt, 1600(3)(Dutch Baroque, Dutch)
  10. "Self-Portrait", Rembrandt, 1600(3)(Dutch Baroque, Dutch)
  11. "Belshazzar's Feast", Rembrandt, 1600(2)(Dutch Baroque, Dutch)
  12. "Christ at Emmaus", Rembrandt, 1600(2)(Dutch Baroque, Dutch)
  13. "The Night Watch", Rembrandt, 1600(2)(Dutch Baroque, Dutch)
  14. "The Return of the Prodigal Son", Rembrandt, 1600(3)(Dutch Baroque, Dutch)
  15. "The Syndics of the Drapers' Guild", Rembrandt, 1600(3)(Dutch Baroque, Dutch)
  16. "Four Rivers", Rubens, 1600(1)(Flemish Baroque)
  17. "Medici Cycle", Rubens, 1600(1)(Flemish Baroque)
  18. "A View of Het Steen in the Early Morning", Rubens, 1600(2)(Flemish Baroque)
  19. "Helena Fourment in Her Fur Coat", Rubens, 1600(2)(Flemish Baroque)
  20. "Horrors of War", Rubens, 1600(2)(Flemish Baroque)
  21. "The Arcadian Shepherds (Et in Arcadio Ego)", Poussin, 1600(3)(French Baroque in Italy)
  22. "Landscape with Funeral of Phocion", Poussin, 1600(2)(French Baroque in Italy)
  23. "Confirmation", Poussin, 1600(2)(French Baroque in Italy)
  24. "Rape of the Sabines", Poussin, 1600(2)(French Baroque in Italy)
  25. "Ruth and Boaz", Poussin, 1600(3)(French Baroque in Italy)

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Painting Rembrant
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Painting Rembrant

Painting Rembrant
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