Science Vocab:Weather

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  1. BD: the condition of Earth’s atmosphere at a particular time and place.

    MD: the water cycle
  2. BD: the envelope of gases that surrounds the planet.

    MD: gas around the earth
  3. BD: a form of oxygen that has three oxygen atoms in each molecule instead of the usual two.

    MD: a form of oxegyn.
  4. BD: water in the form of a gas.

    MD: water in the form of gas.
    Water Vapor
  5. BD: The amount of mass in a given volume of air

    MD: How much mass in the object
  6. BD: The force pushing on an area or surface

    MD: force pushing
  7. BD: the result of the weight of a column of air pushing down on an area.

    MD: air force pushing
    Air Pressure
  8. BD: an instrument that is used to measure air pressure

    MD: measures air pressure
  9. BD: the distance above sea level

    MD: elevation
  10. BD: The horizontal movement of air from an area of high pressure to an area of lower pressure.

    MD: moving air
  11. BD: three or four cups mounted at the ends of spokes that spin on an axle

    MD: a measuring instrament
  12. BD: The increased cooling a wind can cause

    MD: cooling wind can cause
    Wind-Chill Factor
  13. BD: winds that blow over short distances

    MD: winds that blow over short distances
    Local Winds
  14. BD: winds that blow over long distances

    MD: winds that blow over long distances
    Global winds
  15. BD: a lake breeze is a local wind that blows from an ocean or lake

    MD: a lake breeze
    Sea breeze
  16. BD: The flow of air from land to a body of water\

    MD: air flow drom land to water
    Land breeze
  17. BD: winds that blow past each other

    MD: winds that blow past each other
    Trade Winds
  18. BD: A huge body of air that has similar temperature, humidity, and air pressure at any given height

    MD: mass of air
    Air Mass
  19. Warm air masses
  20. Cold air masses
  21. BD: The boundary where the air masses meet

    MD: boundary where air masses meet
  22. BD: year-after-year conditions of temperature, precipitation, winds, and clouds in an area

    MD: weather
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