ANTH2500 Ex3 3

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  1. shoveled incisors
    • sinodont
    • Native Americans
    • Neandertal
  2. set of human burials that come from a limited region and limited time period. The more limited the region and the time period, the more accurate will be inferences from analysis of the burials
    burial population
  3. structure used by eastern natuve americans to lay out the dead where the body would decompose. The bones would later be gathered and buried or cremated
    charnal house
  4. burial of a persons bones, bundeled together, after the flesh has been removed or allowed to decay off the bones
    bundle burial
  5. plant stone
  6. bone grease, berries, jerkey
  7. the study of ancient plants from archeolocial context
  8. a stody of natural processes
    aid in site formation processes
    stages of decay; date of decomposition
  9. Nebraska; 500 bison bone bed; 21 projectile points; died of non-huma cause
    Hudson Ming
  10. places where animals were killed in the past
    kill site
  11. stone artifacts undergo a change in shape from reshapong activities , which could affect their typing
    Frison Effect
  12. archeofauna
    faunal remains; bones found at archeological site
  13. the study of faunal remains associated with human behavior
  14. Identification and interpretation of animal remains from a archeological site.
    faunal analysis
  15. weight; metrical attribute
  16. vertical distribution opf artifacts
    soil proflie
  17. the original remote sensing instrument
    poky rod
  18. godfather of ethnoarcheology
    L. Binford
  19. the last "wild Indian"
    taught us everything we know about flint knapping while on exhibit in a museum
  20. taphonomy lady
    Daine Gifford-Gonzalez
  21. stolen from Geology
    mid-range research
  22. People Binford did ethnoarcheology with
  23. levels in a soil profile
  24. Points associated with Withita
  25. boundary between ecological regions
  26. They attempt to describe what is on and under the surface and also the ways in which we demarcate the environment for many purposes
    land resource map
  27. difference in manufacture
  28. purpose for use
  29. variation independant of function
  30. used the scientific method a punch computer to pattern similarities and differences in artifacts
  31. who said archeology is all about patterns in artifact feature and form across time and space?
    Albert Spaulding
  32. Trapped charge dating is accurate to possibly...
    300,000 years
  33. an assumption made in trapped charge dating methods
    constant rate of accumulation
  34. half-life of c-14
    5730 years
  35. maximum range for c-14 dating?
    • 58,000 to 62,000 (wiki)
    • 40,000 (book)
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