AP Euro Ch. 25 Key Terms "Europe and the World"

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  1. Jingoism
    • The use of public opinion to stir support for one's own nation and hatred for another nation.
    • Used extensively by political leaders to justify imperial expansion.
  2. Berlin Conference
    • An International conference held to decide who should run the Congo Basin.
    • Yielded the Congo to Leopold II of Belgiumas the Congo Free State.
    • Laid down the ground rules for all other colonial acquisitions in Africa.
  3. Cecil Rhodes
    • The best-known British investor, politician, and financier.
    • Intent upon expanding his wealth through an expansion of British power.
    • Attempted to overthrow the government of Afrikaner to eliminate economic intervention.
  4. Boxer Rebellion
    • The rebellion of Chinese peasants against the foreign, Christian exploitation in northern China.
    • Made clear to the Western powers of their limited ability to control social unrest in China.
  5. Herbert Spencer
    An intellectual who popularized Social Darwinism, a hiercarchy of races with Europeans being the dominant race over Africans due to evolutionary processes, thus justifying Imperialism.
  6. Suez Canal
    • This canal joined the Mediterranean and Red Seas.
    • Created a new, safer trade route to the East.
    • Trading vessels no longer had to go all the way around Africa's Cape of Good Hope.
    • Built by France.
    • English purchased a controlling interest.
  7. Triple Entente
    An alliance between Great Britain, France, and Russia in reponse to the Triple Alliance (Italy, Germany, and Austria)
  8. Dual Alliance
    • An alliance between Austria-Hungary and Germany because Russia felt betrayed by Bismarck and ended ties with Germany.
    • Italy later joined in 1882 to form the Triple Allinace.
  9. Francis Galton
    • A cousin of Charles Darwin and criminologist who proved the individuality of fingerprints.
    • Propogated pseudoscientific ideas about eugenics, the improvement of the human race through selective breeding
  10. Reinsurance Treaty
    • An alliance between Germany and Russia that stipulated that each power would maintain neutrality should the other find itself at war.
    • Bismarck was walking a fine line with so many secret treaties.
  11. J. A. Hobson
    A journalist and theorist of imperialism who denounced the "abuse of the press" in Psychology of Jingoism (1901), recognizing Jingoism as nationalism melded with xenophobia.
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